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2020.09.22 22:55 TacticalBrit Automation to turn on and off ring motion alerts

I'm new to smart home stuff. I've had hue light bulbs and Google Mini's to control them for a while now. I've recently invested in ring (I know it's not Google but their peephole doorbell works for my home not any other doorbell, plus I've paid for it all now anyway) with the rings, I've also got an echo to be used as the chime so have access to alexa as well as Google assistant now.
I live in a busy area and don't want all the motion alerts all the time, however I want to be able to have a smart button or voice command to turn the motion alerts on 2 out of my now 5 cameras on and then off again later. So a little button next to my bed that I press that turns all my lights off and so on but also turns the back garden motion alerts on for specific cameras and then another one that turns them off again when I wake up.
I could do it with a motion schedule.. But I work shifts so do night shifts and day shifts and they aren't in a 7 day week, so it makes automation based on time and days impossible for me.
I'm not apposed to getting something like smart things if their buttons will work. Has anyone any thoughts on how I could accomplish this?
TLDR: I have a Google and alexa house with ring CCTV. I want motion capture on at all times, but I only want motion alerts when I'm asleep which can be any time of day, how do I use a smart button or routine to toggle this?
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2020.09.22 22:45 DefaultDestino This is mostly for me to remind, but it may be usefull to you. Sorry for everything being so chaotic. :)

Hey! So I learned a lot because of you guys and wanted to do something back.

So i was thinking to myself, what should i do? Then i came up with this idea;
i would make a summary/story of everything i learned/did and i hope its also useful for you guys.

Preface: correct me if my there's a grammar mistake of a mistake please! there's a change some thoings are not summing up.
please let me know so i can correct it.

Lets's start!

At the moment i am 15 years old, when i was about 9, my dad introduced me to: The LOA (The Law of Attraction).
I was young and i understood some of it but i never did something with it, until this year.
It all started with the pandemic, -Covid 19. Oh yeah uhm, before that time (2019) I learned a lot about spirit guides and energy and way more!
Ok, so since Corona started here (Netherlands), i started seeing the numer 69 a LOT! so much that i started thinking it was kinda creepy,
i searched on Google; numerology 69, i was amazed and started crying, 3 months later a really toxic friendship ended.
since then i didn't see it anymore. Real summer vacation started. i swear... i didn't know i could learn so much in 4-6 weeks. i really can't describe it in words.
i just have grown so much! (spiritualy). i really learned a lot about the Law Of Attraction and energy and quantum phisics and quantum jumps, i started
listening to padcasts, read books, saw movies. i then started seeing 69 again, A LOT,i still see it like 8-10 times a day. I hope you're still reading because this story
actually sucks lol. anyway, i started meditating and here i am, writing this. i've learned so much in the past 1,5/2 years. it's amazing.
i have so much to tell you guys, but to type it all is a hard job. in my head/feelings i can say it all at once. weird feeling.

Kind of summary/tips;
Ok first i want to warn you... this story is going to be so chaotic and NOT ordered. also ill probably copy some other posts.
We are all 1. everything is energy. we are the universe.

first post is by u/Kaynos72, when you are angry at someone...
In reality you are angry at the reflection they give you of yourself. Think of this with the oneness perspective.
That person you see in front of you is you. When you look at them, you look at you. It's like looking in the mirror and not liking the angry face you make. You react to your own grimace.
It's the same for judgment. When you judge someone you judge yourself. You are not angry at the judgment but at the reflection of their judgement to you.
Thank you for this post, i loved it so much, but this is indeed true.

next post is by u/quantumhull
The universe is You! as i mentioned above, we are all 1, PS im listening to christmas music, love it.
Ever since you were a sperm cell, your being of light manifested, the "split," (cell division) or as they call it "duality" when conception happened.
When you die, you gain 360 degrees vision due to moving at the speed of light because your being of light exits your pineal gland and you then become one with the universe, your neural connections (YOUR BRAIN IS THE UNIVERSE BECOMING AWARE OF ITSELF) becomes enhanced.
You become God. You are ouroboros.
Every thought you have will bounce back through space and come right back to you. So start thinking positive!
You are the center of humanity. You are the consciousness.

next one by WAIT, i think i should start writing books, haha. uhm anyway u/notsofasthun (long story)
The key is to not try
The key is to believe what is for you will be yours effortlessly. What is for you can never miss you. As long as you believe you deserve it and it will come
Neville talks about this a lot. When you pray to God/your subconscious/your I amness/the universe you absolutely do have to believe it will be given to you, whatever you are asking for and it WILL be yours. Have FAITH that it is yours and let go. Don't try so hard. Your beliefs and your convictions manifest.
The only purpose of prayer is thanks giving. It is not to beg for something you don't have. It is being grateful for something you already posses
You have to have the utter conviction that what you want is already yours
Don't be so obsessed with techniques they are only merely tools to give you the unshakeable belief that you already have it. You can have anything you want in the universe if you saturate your mind with the utter conviction it is already yours. If you already believe you have what you desire that it is coming you do not need to script/affirm/spend HOURS doing SATS/watching YouTube videos on SP manifestation
I know it is hard to grasp but you only get what you believe you deserve. If you believe you absolutely do deserve what you are asking for that you are absolutely entitled to it, if you approach everything you desire with a sense of entitlement (there is no other way to explain the feeling) it absolutely will be yours.
"What is for you can never miss you"
"What is meant to be WILL happen"
So what did I manifest so far?
A 1 bedroom apartment right in the city where I want it location wise and I am paying less than 200 because I applied for government subsidy that people wait for 10 years to get but because I believed it was mine I manifested it fast.
Lots of money. My debts paid off. A new laptop. A bunch of other things and people places and things that don't matter because I have a new way of living now and know how to approach life and get what I want from it and how to get it. Happy manifesting. Believe it is yours and it is coming and watch how fast it comes.

next one: u/OrionDirectorate
Hi All!
Sorry for the absence and far too late post. I’ve been traveling Europe since I wrote my last post and have had a difficult time sitting down and writing an adequate post. With the ever-growing affects of COVID-19, unfortunately creating this post has been at the back of my mind. As I have solidified housing and living conditions here in Greece, I am able to come back on Reddit and assist everyone here in a way that you all deserve, especially those who have followed me for so many years and patiently waited for my return. To all that have been angered or annoyed by my late return, I truly apologize and wish this and future posts make up for my absence.
To begin, I’d like to make one thing clear: I have never used anything but Neville’s techniques in the realization of my Earthly desires. More specifically, I have only used the technique of sensory vividness and enactment of scenes. Unfortunately, by beginning my post with that, I fear that I will turn away many people that have either tried this technique and failed or believe they do not contain the ability to “visualize” in the way Neville teaches. Because of this restriction, I’d like to make a few things clear:
I don’t believe in the over complication of concepts this subreddit and some members of this subreddit have created over the past few years. If you were here when I originally began posting in late 2017, you - like myself - notice a stark difference in the terms and techniques people peddle here. It may work for few, but I believe the simple technique that Neville taught work for all.
Some question how this process works, or what is necessary to gain results. I’ll tell you exactly what and how results are achieved, and it’s painfully simple: total self-persuasion. You must completely believe that you have what you desire and that it is a reality now. Many people will look at that prerequisite to attaining your Earthly desires as the largest obstacle known to mankind, but I’d like to soothe your worries. I’ve said this before, but I’ll give it a greater emphasis now: Self-persuasion is a gift from God if you DO the technique.
Sin is defined as not attaining your goals, not being the man/woman you want to be. The only way you could ever sin is if you do not believe you are the person you want to be right now.
I don’t believe in any other technique or “interpretation” of Neville’s techniques other than the one I outline in this post. That’s for one simple reason, I truly believe that for the majority of people, you are not able to complete the one requirement (self-persuasion) with these other techniques, be it saying a phrase to yourself as you fall asleep or thinking about the person you want to be a few moments during the day. This may have worked for Neville or few people in his case histories, but that is only because they have years and years (in many cases, decades) of success with The Law that they have unwavering faith in it’s pervasiveness and power.
I am going to tell you what has worked for me, if you have another technique that works for you, congrats! But for most people, this original technique that Neville shared is one that I believe the majority of people will find success with.
It has never taken longer than 2 weeks from starting the technique for a certain goal for me to see the start of harvest, and no longer than ONE MONTH total to see full-realization of a goal. I have had countless times where it has taken less than 12 hours to see the full realization of a goal, of which the majority of that time is time that I slept.
It may sound counter intuitive, but STOP reading Neville, listening to Neville or visiting this subreddit after you read this post! I fear that many keep being a hearer of the law in an attempt to find some magic end-all technique and never actually PRACTICE the law. Like Neville has said countless times, actual practice benefits you far more that hearing ever will! Yes, the law is as simple as it seems, don’t over complicate it!
Now on to the simple and perfect technique:
Know exactly what you want. Not a general idea, but something specific and exact that perfectly reflects your true desire. If you want your dream body, know what it will look like; if you want a certain sum of money, know how much down to the dollar; if you want a partner, know who you want; if you want a certain job, know exactly what you would do and where you would work; etc.
Ask yourself what you would be feeling if you were who you want to be RIGHT NOW. By “feeling” it is meant an innate level of awareness. Where would your mind be if you were the person you wanted to be? How would you think in relation to the world in your new state?
Create a scene that would IMPLY that you have already achieved your goal and that it is in the past. Something that you can add sensory vividness and tones of reality to.
Get ready for bed before the time you usually become sleepy and get ready to induce a sleepy state. Lie in your bed and calm yourself. Many years ago I suggested that you put your hands underneath your butt to focus on something to induce this state, but practice has taught me that, personally, I can get in a drowsy state best by lying down in a fetal position. If you have not been successful in using this technique, I suggest putting yourself in a position where you do not usually fall asleep in (for example, if you usually fall asleep by sleeping on your left side, lie on your back, and vice versa.)
As you induce this sleepy state, you’ll notice a floating feeling, one that is both physical and mental. Keep your mind clear, but do not become so drowsy that you fall asleep. Something that I’ve noticed while applying this law throughout the years is I feel that can I just imagine random things to get into a drowsy state to begin my scene - THIS IS A TRAP! And more likely than not, you do this every night and it is a habit of yours. For me, whenever I do this I always fall asleep before I can even think to begin my scene. DO NOT BECOME DISTRACTED. Calm yourself with the intent of doing your scene and do not let your mind wonder on other things.
Begin enacting your scene, and begin enacting it in FIRST PERSON. While it will not be as vivid as the room you are in now, it does not matter. Yes, you heard me right, your scene does not need to become as vivid as the life you are living right now to become a reality. Continue enacting your scene and focus on a new detail each time you loop it. If you cannot add tones of reality and sensory vividness in the beginning, use a trick I’ve used in the past: Tell yourself what your seeing is real, narrate what is in front of you and what you are touching AND FEEL THAT IT IS TRUE AND REAL. There is no way I can explain the “feeling” other than pretending that what you are imaging right now is real. Just try it! Don’t worry about if you’re applying it right, just imagine that it IS true. Just “think” that you are seeing what you want to see.
Keep yourself in this scene and do not worry about anything else. Remain faithful to this scene by repeating it over and over. Soon, you will actually feel as if you are in the place your imagine, and eventually, you will fall asleep in that state. If you worry about not being able to fall asleep or think about how alert you are, you will stay alert and unable to fall asleep. FOCUS on the scene and making it as real as possible.
If you kept the scene repeating and legitimately tried adding as much sensory vividness as possible, you should wake up with a feeling that “it is done”, this is the gift from God I was speaking about earlier. If you do not have this feeling, imagine that you do and continue the process the next night. Experience has taught me, however, that if you legitimately try the technique to the best of your abilities, you WILL wake up with this feeling of your desire already existing.
This is the technique that I employ, and as of late, I have never woken up without the feeling that it is done. The most important thing is to TRY! Continually try and try to do the best that you can. Don’t worry about reading Neville during the day in fear that you have missed something. Just do the technique at night and be amazed at how quickly your world changes!
As always, please give me questions down below and I will try to answer them as soon as possible. I will also create a post of all of my notable successes soon (including creating a white-label health and wellness business here in Greece and making at least $25,000 a month even with COVID-19 impacting business here, I’m on track to personally profit $45,000 this month, and I expect even higher profits once I can open physical locations.) Remember, you are God, which makes you the operant power. You need to USE your power in order to succeed. Stop worrying that you’re missing something and JUST USE IT.

Yes, you read that right!
Manifesting is easy - probably the easiest thing ever.
Many of us try to manifest xyz and end up stressing over which technique, whether it’s working or not and just stress and stress and stress! That’s funny to me though, we are god which means we have been manifesting our entire lives. We didn’t need techniques or anything when we weren’t aware of our true power - it all just happened.
But now that we are aware of this power, we want to use it right - to manifest our SP, a dream job and everything! I mean if we are gods why shouldn’t we live like one and get everything we can possibly ever dream of right?
I too wanted the dream life. I was at the lowest point in my life. I had turned into this insecure, ugly, rude person - obviously because my mind created it. I was going through a lot of physical changes and first relied on medicine to help me but I never really changed my mindset. I always felt bad despite all the efforts I was taking to go back to the being the true beautiful me.
I then read the secret one day and realized I created this for me and I was the only person that could undo do. I read and read and read. Tried to up my vibration until I gave up because I just couldn’t be happy all the time.
I then came across Neville and deeply resonated with his work. However, I was still not getting any results. I wanted clear skin, a define face and long thick hair and nothing was working. I was living in the end, visualizing, affirming. WHY WHY WHY?
I would constantly read success stories to try to figure out what other people did. This only made it worse because everyone did something different but still ended up manifesting. One person obsessed over it and got it while the other totally gave up on it. So like what do I do now?
I finally came across a blog - I AM LOVE.CO. A huge shoutout to them. They have the most beautiful articles which is the only reason why I manifested everything I wanted and continue to manifest everything I want because they showed me my true power.
They taught me manifesting has no rules. YES NO RULES. NO PROCESS. NOTHING. We create our own rules. Which is why some people manifest by obsessing and some by letting go because that’s the rule they created for themselves.
So like I said, I tried creating my own rule, living in the end, doing everything but it didn’t work. WHY? because I thought IF I DO THIS I WILL GET MY DESIRE. Read that again. GET MY DESIRE. Which is where I went wrong.
I want you to understand one thing. We are god. The moment we want something it is done. I am not talking about in a different reality or anything. No. Right now in this 3D world it is done. I don’t need to wait for my imagination to project it out. Nope, it’s done.
So now that I have my desire, I can do anything. Why? Because it’s done. I can visualize, live my life, obsess about how I have it, anything because if it’s already done then why can’t I do what I want to? All these techniques that we learn aren’t to help us get our manifestation. They are there to remind us that we already have it!
The moment I did that I manifested everything I wanted in less than a month. I cleared my skin up and got my desire face structure in a week and my long thick amazing hair in less than a month.
When I first started learning about manifesting, I thought I wasn’t allowed to be anything but happy or calm - which ended up stressing me out even more. Worrying and feeling bad is normal - which is why I’m saying please feel bad. Please feel all emotions. I can assure you many people have manifested even while feeling bad and in anger just because they knew their desire was theirs! Of course, this should not be how you choose to approach this, feeling happy and manifesting feels better but its definitely not a requirement unless you choose to make it one. It’s okay to feel bad and insecure at times. Acknowledge it. Don’t run away. It will go away on its own and soon you will be happy. Be your true self and relax. Nothing God does can be wrong.
All i’m saying is work according to your belief system. You literally have been creating your own rules your whole life. I’m pretty sure you didn’t do mental diets and feel it real before you knew how to consciously manifest but you still manifested with ease. All these techniques are wonderful but I think it’s important to go back and check what’s worked for you. For example, when you were doing well financially, what were your thoughts, feelings, actions and go according to that not what everyone else is teaching you to do. You probably just knew it was going well and didn’t even care about it, and even if you thought “what If I lose it all one day” you probably would have brushed it off knowing you’re rich. So stop beating yourself up.You know yourself better than anyone else does. For me personally, I cleared my skin up because I realized I had the best skin when I couldn’t care less about it. The more I tried to clear it, the worse it got but I have a friend who has the best skin only when she obsesses over how amazing her skin is. Everyone has their own approach to say “it’s done”.
Stop looking for techniques and success stories. You are the success story. Your manifestation is done right now in this 3D world. Life is easy. You don’t need to wake up and act anymore. You don’t need to force yourself to script or visualize. If you want to feel bad, go ahead . IT IS DONE! You are living in the end. You don’t need to become a particular state to be in the end when you already are in it.
Edit - I see many people are agreeing with the whole “It’s done!” concept but not with the feel bad, feel insecure one. Let me explain myself better. We all go through things. We all want them to improve. We all want to manifest change the moment something goes wrong. All I’m trying to say is the moment something goes wrong you don’t need to feel happy and be ecstatic so you can change your situation through manifestation. Please please acknowledge your feelings and allow them to flow. I want each one of you to be happy and content with life which is why i’m asking you not to suppress. Once you let it all flow, you will reach that state of constant happiness and relief that we are always looking for. I truly don’t believe sadness or anything really can ‘cancel’ a manifestation. Please be happy and let things flow!
As creators we have been gifted with the power to feel all emotions for a reason. I personally don’t like to label any emotions as good or bad. I do know we are all trying to reach the level where everything’s perfect, we’re happy and we manifest super fast but ignoring any emotions is never going to get you there! Acknowledge, don’t resist!
Also, I mentioned the I Am- Love blog because it helped me and I want it to help everyone too. I am not promoting private coaching!
I understand my method seems to contradict conventional manifestation approaches but I’m asking you to please forget all laws and just live your life. Life was easy before you learnt about all this. Please go easy on yourself. Your only take away from this should be to show you your true power not to give you a bunch of rules of what to do and how to live now. Let’s make life easy <3

u/ uhm yes. u/butters-my-eggroll
So this is not huge but it worked over night!! Basically, a couple days ago I read a post that mentioned the whispering technique of manifesting - where you visualize someone and tell them what you want them to do.
So there is this boy I met a couple months ago before I moved states. We hung out a few times and we really clicked. We have each other's Instagram. I thought about him suddenly and I really wanted him to text me.
Last night before sleeping, I visualized him very clearly and whispered out loud "DM me on Instagram, tell me you miss me" and it felt like I was actually talking to him. Today he replied to my story saying he misses me and he wants to send me plane tickets to fly me out. I got so fckin excited by how quickly this worked

I am sure most of you know these already, but I know there are some on here that don’t.
All you need to do is determine what you want and get into the wish-fulfilled, and persist in the new state of mind that implies that you already have what you want.
Keep these simple steps in mind and don’t over-complicate it:
  1. You don’t need to go back into the past to identify “subconscious blocks”. Simple revision is fine. Persisting in a new state is enough to overwrite those old beliefs. You don’t need to listen to 12 hours of “Subconscious Reprogramming Subliminals” every night.
  2. You don’t have to determine if you “deserve” it.
  3. God isn’t making you learn “lessons” in life in order to get what you want (as spiritualists like to preach). Yes, you live and learn, but learning lessons isn’t needed to manifest something that you want.
  4. You’re not being “tested” by God to see if you’re worthy. You are God.
  5. Repeating numbers are not confirmations.
  6. You don’t have to ask for signs, simply persist in the end result, believe it is done. Signs that you ask for are only manifestations of their own. They have no correlation to what you’re actually trying to manifest. Sometimes your subconscious will push something out to encourage you to stay on track and this is perfectly fine.
  7. You only have to act as if in the 4D (your mind). Just persist in a new state of having it now.
  8. Don’t overthink the 3D world and the outside. If your outside world looks negative even though you have been affirming the positive that you want, the negatives are simply past manifestations finishing out. Acknowledge your feelings if it makes you emotional, then get back on track. Your new state will eventually reflect once the past manifestations are finished. Just persist.
  9. There is no “trying”.
Manifesting isn’t something you “start doing”; we are manifesting every second. There is no “manifesting muscle”. You’re just beginning to use it the way you want, consciously, once you become aware of your power.

You are so Infinite, so Whole and so Powerful that you even have the power to believe you aren't any of those.
That's it. So it is not about the next thing, the next meditation, the next book or the next info. It's not about adding anything.
“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
It is about relaxing into your Infinite Self. Trusting, Releasing and Letting Go.
You are already what you seek, the reason why you don't see it is because you don't believe it.
To the extent you Let Go, to the extent you Fly.

Just remember, the day you plant the seed is not the same day you eat the fruit. Be patient as you wait for your blessings to manifest.

We become what we think.
We think in words and we live our life by those words.
If you think negative thoughts all the time, then your whole life will turn negative.
That’s why it’s critical that you change all of your negative thoughts to positive thoughts.
If you observe negative people you will soon realize that almost all of the words that come from their mouths are negative.
That means they think negative words constantly. They feel bad because they are constantly negative.
Even if they try to do something positive, things just always tend to turn out negative for them.
That’s why you must start thinking positive thoughts if you want to start attracting positive things.
That’s how the law of attraction works or at least that how it has always worked for me.
I can’t and I won’t teach you things that I have not personally used.
I can only tell how the law of attraction has worked for me and I hope you can implement my success into your life.
Here is how I have used the law of attraction to attract more health, wealth, love and happiness into my life…
The first thing I did was I stopped listening to the news. The majority of the news is almost always negative.
Humans are drawn to negativity because when we evolved we had to pay attention to all the bad and negative things so we wouldn’t die.
For example, if someone had died after eating a berry, we had to know what happened so we wouldn’t make the same mistake.
The news channels feed off our negativity bias because they know that they will get more eyeballs with negativity.
They don’t care how negative thinking destroys our dreams and hopes. They just want the money.
The second thing I did was I Googled photos of my goals and printed them on my wall.
For example, I printed a picture of my soulmate. It took one year to manifest my soulmate and she looked exactly the same as in the photo that I used to manifest her.
In the picture that I printed, my soulmate had brown hair and she was standing in front of a bookshelf.
Well, my soulmate has brown hair and she has a lot of bookshelves in her home.
I also imagined that my soulmate would be Sagittarius or Leo because I’m Aquarius and I get really well with those two horoscopes.
Well, it turns out that my soulmate is Sagittarius…
The next thing I did was write down my goals.
The idea is that you write down all of your goals as precisely as you can.
You have to be incredibly precise because if you are not precise, then you will attract random things into your life.
For example, I imagined my soulmate in front of a bookshelf because I like reading science books and I would like to discuss and read science books with my soulmate.
But I never wrote down what kind of books my soulmate liked to read, I just wrote that she likes to read.
So it turns out that she reads a lot of manga, not science books!
If you want something specific, be really specific!
After completing all the steps the last thing I did was believe.
This final step is crucial.
You have to believe that you are going to live your dream life.
The world will try to test you but you must not give up.
You have to keep believing because that is the only way.
You have to take a leap of fate.
I hope that my story and these tips will inspire you to take action!
Start manifesting your dream life today with these positive affirmations, I believe in you 100%!
Smiles & Hugs,

Everyone talks as if their "Goal" doesn't already exist.
You don't have to manifest it, it already exists.
You don't have to create it, it already exists.
You don't have to try to get it, it already exists.
They think the physical reality, is reality.
No, its nothing but a projection of the frequency/ energy you're vibrating at and tuned into.
The only reality is the frequency/energy you're in.
The fundamental mistake of trying to get it, manifest it or create it locks you into the frequency of it not existing.
Which is then reflected in the physical projection as an experience of you not having it.
Tune into your desired energy (reality) and it will naturally be reflected in the physical projection.It already exists.

Hey, Y'all!
After writing a post on How To Use Law of Attraction in 4 Steps I have received a lot of comments.
Thanks for everyone who read and commented on my post, and thanks for the creator of this great community!
I received a lot of questions about negative thoughts and how to get rid of negative thoughts.
Some people said that they have only negative thoughts, so inspired by you guys I decided to write this post on how to change your thinking pattern from negative thoughts to positive thoughts.
I have had negative thoughts all my life but in the last four years, my life has changed from really bad thoughts to only positive thoughts.
I know how it feels to have negative thoughts...
Four years ago I started reading a lot of science books and they helped me to understand how to change thinking patterns.
These days I only think about positive things and It gives me sooo much energy it's unbelievable.
The truth is, if you are struggling to think positive thoughts, you lack self-love.
If you are ready to think more positively then keep reading:)
How To Start Thinking Only Positive Thoughts
If you have a lot of negative thoughts, the problem is that you are being too hard on yourself, you are lacking self-love.
The majority of people are being too hard on themselves.
Media and social media constantly makes us feel that we are not enough.
When we think we are not enough we tend to start being too hard on ourselves.
We constantly judge ourselves until it becomes a habit.
When I'm talking about judging ourselves, I don't mean self-analysis.
Self-analysis is great and as Socrates always used to say "Know thyself". When we make a mistake we should always analyze what went wrong and why.
However, a lot of people don't analyze their actions, they analyze their whole being and instantly start bashing themselves.
So to be clear, when I'm talking about judging ourselves, I mean that some of us got a habit of using negative words towards ourselves.
That is not self-love. If you are not in the habit of loving yourself, then that is the obstacle that you must overcome, in order to start thinking more positively.
The famous investor, Charlie Munger says; "The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too strong to be broken."
This quote means that habits are easy to create but extremely hard to get rid of.
If you are in the habit of judging yourself and being too hard on yourself then you must act now in order to stop it.
Being hard on yourself does more damage to you than you could ever imagine.
If you want to think only positive thoughts, you must learn to love yourself.
Self-love is like riding a car. It's a skill that can be taught.
Remember when you first started learning to ride a car? I bet you sucked at it, just like me and everyone else.
The same goes for self-love, it's a skill that you must learn in order to be more positive and happier.
When you are truly happy your vibration frequency will raise and you will start to attract more positivity in your life.
I want to help you to break the chains of habit and I want to help you to love yourself.
Life is beautiful and you are beautiful.
There is no need to be too hard on yourself.
The first part of changing one's habits is to realize when you are being too hard on yourself.
Start listening to your inner voice.
What do you say to yourself when you put on weight?
What do you say to yourself when you get scolded by your boss?
What do you say to yourself when you feel lazy?
What do you say to yourself when you make a mistake?
What do you say to yourself when you get angry?
What do you say to yourself when you wake up and look in the mirror?
Are you still loving yourself or are you judging yourself?
If you judge yourself then keep reading because this post will help you!
Now the first thing you must do in order to start loving yourself more is to be aware when your inner voice is judging you.
You have to observe yourself and your inner voice throughout the day.
When you find yourself judging and being too hard on yourself I want you to do this...
Replace those old habits of you judging yourself with new more positive habits.
For example, if you made a mistake at work, don't be too hard on yourself, everybody makes mistakes.
Instead of thinking "Oh I'm so stupid I made this mistake, I'm sorry oh I'm so stupid."
Replace those negative thoughts with self-love affirmations like "Everybody mistakes. It's not that big of a deal. I choose to stop apologizing for being me. I release all the negative self-talk because I love the person I am becoming."
So in other words, after you have identified the events that trigger the negative self-talking you need to change that old negative habit with a positive habit.
Change your negative self-talk to positive self-talk.
Remember that we think in words and we live our life by those words.
So if you use negative words towards yourself constantly, you can never truly love yourself until you fix that bad habit.
Now, after you have replaced the old bad habit with a new positive habit, you need to reward yourself.
Our brain has an algorithm: “Repeat behavior that works.” Rewards release dopamine in our brains and dopamine is a neurotransmitter that makes us feel good.
So after we have changed the bad habit to good habit, we instantly have to reward ourselves so our brain gets a signal that "Aha! Positive self-talk makes us feel good. We should do this more often!"
When you combine the reward system and our brains' natural tendency to “Repeat behavior that works” you will have an incredibly powerful combination.
When you create a rewarding loop like this, you can change your bad habits into good habits in no time!
To create this kind of habit loop, you have to identify the Cue, then you have to change the Routine & after you have changed the routine you have to Reward yourself.
If you are not loving yourself, it's all because you have a bad habit of bashing yourself. You have a habit of thinking negatively about yourself.
You have to break that cycle and the best way to do so is to create this kind of habit loop:
Everything starts with the cue. You have to identify the event that causes you to start negative-self talk.
After you have identified your cue, you have to change your old routine to a better one.
This final stage is important. You have a reward yourself in order to create a long-lasting change.
This strategy will help you to love yourself more.
Remember that this is what I have learned and what I have used to change my bad habits into positive habits. I have personally used this method to cut down all the negative thoughts.
Here is a list of the self-love affirmations that you can use every time you start talking negatively to yourself.
Self-love is incredibly important and I hope that this post will help you in your journey.
Smiles & Hugs,
- Kalle, Perfect Affirmations
Positive Self-Love Affirmations
#1: “I choose to stop apologizing for being.”
#2: “I forgive myself when I make mistakes.”
#3: “I am doing my best and it's enough.”
#4: “Positivity is a choice; I choose to be positive.”
#5: “I love the person I am becoming.”
#6: “Everything I need is within me.”
#7: “I love and accept myself.”
#8: “I choose faith over fear.”
#9: “I believe in myself and my abilities.”
#10: “I choose to see the positive even in tough times.”
#11: “Baby steps add up to big changes.”
#12: “I am in love with myself.”

if you're still here thanks, i mostly did this for myself, thats why its so chaotic. i hope it was a little usefull for you.
i love you <3.

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2020.09.22 22:39 LordNecroma Notification Bots

I know this question has been asked a bunch of times, I did google and look for solutions and tried a few but still need help.
So basically I need a bot that will notify me if any new post in this one subreddit contains any of 3 (maybe more or less later), keywords. Notification can be reddit message, or iphone notification, doesn't matter
I tried using Alert Bot, but I just tried it and it messaged my that it worked and I am subscribed. Well I just checked the subreddit and I missed a post with one of the keywords I subscribed too. I know IFTTT is another option, but I have zero clue on how to use it
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2020.09.22 21:08 TeddyyBunny Health anxiety after unintentionally finding HSV1 positive test results.

I recently had blood work due to a UTI per a requirement of a video appointment due to COVID. Weeks later I logged into my health portal online to pay my bill and noticed I had an alert that my test results were back. I decided to click on it just because and I noticed my doctor also ordered a full STI panel. Everything was negative but to my shock, my igg antibodies for HSV-1 were at a positive 4. My doctor didn’t call me at all to discuss because I’m assuming “it’s not a big deal.” But, weeks later, I am now having some extreme anxiety about it.
I can recall maybe having one cold sore as a little kid and I’m now 31 and have never had another. But now, I am paranoid about viral shedding after reading too many things on google. I’ve been with the same guy for 6 years and we have frequent oral sex and am now paranoid of giving him HSV1 to the point where it’s affecting my sexual drive.
It doesn’t help that I recently had an HPV scare, but the lesions ended up being keratosis, not genital warts. So this is adding to my anxiety as I grow increasingly more paranoid about STI’s specifically.
Ignorance really is bliss and I wish I would have read my results. I’m also really mad at my doctor for ordering something like that, then not talking to me about the results.
submitted by TeddyyBunny to Herpes [link] [comments]

2020.09.22 20:59 TheOther1 Push-button device to alert minis?

I'm looking for a push-button type device that I can install in my basement (where my elderly mother in law lives) that will alert me on the minis I have around the house. Like a life alert type thing, but will only alert me upstairs on the minis. I could put a mini down there, but having never used tech, I doubt she could remember "hey google, broadcast help!" if she needed us to come down and she couldn't get to a phone. I've already talked to Google and they say the wake-up phrase cannot be changed to something like "help!"
I don't know if IFTTT could assist in this and if that meant my phone would have to be the device that would receive the signal from the device and then send an alert to minis. If so, that will not work when I am, or my phone is, away from home.
Any ideas?
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2020.09.22 19:52 monopolyinvestments PR Rage 2 – Find – Flip – And PROFIT From HIGH PR Domains


PR Rage 2 – Find – Flip – And PROFIT From HIGH PR Domains

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It’s a cloud based app, with a huge array of research api’s plugged in the back – to deliver information to our people in seconds.
Enter a keyword (and get google prompts for additional related keywords)
Hit go
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Shortlist any domains of interest.
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Buyers will also get access to three exclusive training videos – with domaining professionals, talking specifics about HOW to make the business of domaining a profitable one.
PR Rage 2:
Find, Flip, Profit From High PR Domains
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2020.09.22 18:00 PuffThePed I am replacing my S8 due to a *software* bug (GPS fails when navigating). Shame on you Samsung. Will never buy another Galaxy phone.

I just ordered a Pixel 4a. I can't use my S8 anymore. When using any app with navigation, the GPS will randomly stop working. Sometimes it works if I stop and start navigation, sometimes it requires a restart. Sometimes it stops working after an hour of driving and without any alert, causing me to miss turns.
This has been a known bug for over 6 months, with many users affected across several devices, and it doesn't seem that Samsung has any intention to fix this. I tried everything, messing around with battery and performance settings, clearing cache, factory reset, downgrading Google Maps, nothing helps.
So now I'm replacing my perfectly functional S8 phone because of a freaking software problem. Bye Samsung, the S8 will be my last Galaxy device.
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2020.09.22 17:17 DealsCanada [Costco] Panasonic Digital Phone System KXTG273K 3 cordless phones $59.99

Link: … 30059.html Price: 59.99 Retailer: Costco
Item 1263427 – Model KXTG273K
For those that work from home and still use a landline, this may be of interest. Price is normally $69.99 in-store and $79.99 online. has the same phone for $142.14
** Features: ** • DECT 6.0 technology (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) • Link to cell Bluetooth • Remote voice assist to Siri, Google Now • ECO mode • Talking caller ID • Text message alert • HAC (Hearing aid compatibility) support • 1.6-in Amber backlit LCD display • Digital answering system (up to 15 minutes recording time) • Handset speakerphone • 3000 item downloadable Phonebook memory • Caller ID/call waiting stores 50 calls* • Ringer ID: Link a tone/melody to a number or category in your phone book • 100 name and number phonebook directory • Call block feature (150 entries): Block calls from unwanted callers; they will get a busy signal if they call you • Night mode: Program each handset to ring or not to suit your needs • Expandable up to 6 handsets • Intercom/conference call between handsets
Winnipeg Regent has a pallet display, near the entrance.
Link: … 30059.html
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2020.09.22 16:44 jinxedkittyz A Dummy's Guide to the Harry Potter Subreddit

Note: In no way does this cover everything. This is just a dummy's guide to understanding what on earth is going on and what you should do first. More detailed ones here
New to the subreddit and overwhelmed with the numerous links and rules? A lost lurker who have no idea what's going on? Here's a little guide to the subreddit [because once I was a lost bird and I decided that this might actually help people in figuring things out].

Gryffindor Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Slytherin
To Join To Join To Join To Join
Requirements: 1wk+ account and either 50 comment karma OR 1 homework assignment completed Requirements: 25 comment karma and short survey completed Requirements: 75 comment karma and 2 short answers Requirements: 100 comment karma plus active in /HarryPotter or 1 homework assignment completed

Hope this helps those who are completely lost! Enjoy the subreddit!
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2020.09.22 16:38 saintginger Cat diagnosed with asthma / not eating

Since his attack on Saturday, he really hasn't been interested in eating. And when he does pick at his food his eating/chewing seems like it's awkward and he has to work to eat, if that makes sense. Almost like there's not enough room in his mouth for his food. I did mention this as a symptom to the vet and they didn't seem worried about it after his visit yesterday. His normal food is Instinct Chicken wet food, one 3oz can twice a day.
The vet said the steroid would increase his appetite. We gave him his first pill yesterday afternoon, then just an hour ago. We gave him his food and he still just sniffed at, then picked at his soft food (feed him instinct chicken wet food) and just walked away this morning. He ate maybe at 5% of the 3oz portion. I've even done the fancy feast test and gave him one of the fish kind and chicken kind, and he was barely interested in those either.
He's alert and walking around, but is lethargic. He also has diarrhea. Thankfully they did some sub-q fluids at the vet yesterday so he's hydrated. And I've seen him drink water too.
I'm trying my best to refrain from calling the vet again, as they had to pull some strings to get him in last minute yesterday, and just wait it out for two days to see if the steroids really get working and hopefully get him eating. I'm just always on high alert if a cat goes multiple days, barely eating.
Any advice, or should I just bite the bullet and call our vet back?
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2020.09.22 16:15 hexennacht COVID-19 update for September 22, 2020: Ontario: 478, Ottawa: 90, 3 death(s), 196 resolved.

PHU Count
Toronto 153
Peel 95
Ottawa 90 93 (updated by OPH at noon)
York 27
Waterloo 27
Durham 16
Middlesex-London 12
Halton 12
Hamilton 12
All other PHUs reporting 10 or less.
Other bits of info:
  • Ontario's Rt rate is 1.32, Ottawa 1.11.
  • 478 positive results on 34,201 tests for a rate of 1.4%
  • 68% of cases <40yo.
  • All three deaths were again in Ottawa, 1 person in their 70s and two people in their 80s. Probably related to the West End Villa outbreak.
  • This is the highest ever single day count in Ottawa, previous single day high was 76 on April 29.
  • Testing backlog currently stands at 39,788.
Download the COVID Alert app
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2020.09.22 15:41 dan13l84 PA Covid Exposure Alert App Live

For those interested, the Department of Health has launched their exposure notification app this morning. Here's the Trib's piece on it. The goal is to make contact tracing and potential exposure notification easier, which in turn slows the spread of covid.
Download Links:
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2020.09.22 15:30 shanabailey Alfawise V8S Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner [EU] for 179.99 USD Coupon (Best price in history: $175.99) [You can use points!] [EUROPE]

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2020.09.22 15:25 shanabailey ZLRC Beast SG906 4K Drone RTF for 124.07 USD Coupon (Best price in history: $126.99)

Here is the link (Banggood): ZLRC Beast SG906 4K Drone RTF
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2020.09.22 15:25 shanabailey ZLRC Beast SG906 4K Drone RTF for 124.07 USD Coupon (Best price in history: $126.99)

Here is the link (Banggood): ZLRC Beast SG906 4K Drone RTF
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2020.09.22 14:54 shanabailey HG P803A 8X8 EP RC Car [EU] for 539.09 USD Coupon (Best price in history: $598.98) [EUROPE]

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2020.09.22 14:54 shanabailey HG P803A 8X8 EP RC Car [EU] for 539.09 USD Coupon (Best price in history: $598.98) [EUROPE]

European warehouse
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2020.09.22 14:49 shanabailey BlitzWolf AIRAUX AA-UM2 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones [EU/CZ] for 20.99 USD Coupon (Best price in history: $18.99) [EUROPE]

European warehouse
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2020.09.22 14:44 DocTonk Unidentified access from chromebook?

So I've recently had to change cellphone handset temporarily and setting up accounts etc. was generating security alerts in my Google account. While clearing them I found two devices named "Linux" that had been accessing my account recently. (For reference my Chromebook and cellphone were both listed separtely as well). Not immediately concerned as I've had 2SV set up on my account for years so figured it must be one of the other gadgets I've got lying around the house or something. Just to be on the safe side I logged them both out.
On checking the IP access register time stamps in Gmail both these devices showed up as "Unknown", but had the same IP as my Chromebook, which suggests to me that the accesses were from my chromebook but I'm not sure why the access log / device list wouldn't be able to be more specific?
Is this something I should be concerned about?
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2020.09.22 14:31 shanabailey AOC CQ32G1 31.5 Inch Monitor [EU] for 359.99 USD Coupon (Best price in history: $399.98) [EUROPE]

European warehouse
Here is the link (Banggood): AOC CQ32G1 31.5 Inch Monitor [EU]
Coupon code (apply in the cart!): BGTT10
You can also search on Aliexpress: (Aliexpress coupons: )
Current price is $359.99. The lowest price in my database is $399.98 on 20.9.2020.There're already 2 records in DB. Price monitoring since 20.9.2020!
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Have fun.
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2020.09.22 14:26 InTheNameOfYourKing Every reason why Deliveroo is better to work for than UberEats, from a user of both:

- Actually shows you your customer destination on the app
- The Hexagons on the map roughly correspond to zones where you will get trips
- When it says 'not busy/moderate/busy', it actually means something, unlike Uber's completely fucking false alert about 'likely to get trips soon'
- Shows you the fee you will get BEFORE you accept the trip
- Uber now has a policy that if you reject 3 trips in a row, you will be signed out and have to enter your password again. It's a complete kick in the balls, and can even occur while delivering if you reject enough orders you get while en route to a customer
- Deliveroo doesn't display your earnings on the main map screen publicly for everyone to gawp at
- Instantly sends tips to your earnings wallet, instead of Uber which gives you the tips hours after they have been sent and confuses customers
- Seems to have a larger roster of restaurants (UK)
- Grants you more 'grocery shopping' orders, which are much more easy-going as the food isn't a hot meal which has to be delivered quickly (UK)
- It doesn't require facemasks when collecting every order (which are a pain in the ass when you're a cyclist), just that you respect restaurant policy
- It doesn't require you to take a selfie every so often to prove it's you if the app thinks someone else is delivering
- Allows you to change your city region if you're travelling about but still want to work, and seems to have more available city regions (UK)
- Doesn't deliver from McDonalds (as far as I can tell) which is the WORST fast food restaurant out there. They take ages to prepare the order, they ping you from up to 2 miles away (on a bicycle!) and they give you unsecured shakes/drinks which often violently erupt in your bag
- Uses Google Maps instead of Uber's shitty in-house map software which doesn't know what bridges are
submitted by InTheNameOfYourKing to deliveroos [link] [comments]

2020.09.22 14:14 Amateur_Expertise PA’s COVID Alert App is now available

The state has just released a COVID contact app called “COVID Alert PA” that will allow you to be notified if you are in contact with someone who tests positive for the disease.
This app uses the Google + Apple contact tracing technology to keep contacts anonymous.
This app uses Bluetooth Low Energy to share a randomized key with people you are in close proximity with for over 15 mins. Then if you or the other person test positive for COVID, a code can be put in to the app (from the test results) and a notification is sent to your close contacts.
The app is anonymous and IS NOT ABLE TO USE LOCATION TRACKING.
Source: I’ve developed apps for iOS and Android and have read about how this Apple+ Google technology works myself.
Download it and help fight COVID so we can go back to restaurants and movies and shit :)
iOS link.
Edit: I’m an iOS user and have downloaded the app, however I can’t find it on the Google Play store to share the link atm. I’ll keep checking and share it when it’s available.
submitted by Amateur_Expertise to Pennsylvania [link] [comments]

How to Set Up Google Alerts - YouTube Email Notifications for Google Forms - YouTube Make Google Alerts your virtual research assistant - YouTube How to Set up Google Alerts - YouTube How to add Speed Camera Alerts to Google Maps - YouTube Animated Stream Alerts (FREE PSD) - Tutorial by EdwardDZN ... GOOGLE ALERTS - YouTube Google Alerts Google Alerts - For Internet Marketers

Google Alerts - Monitor the Web for interesting new content

  1. How to Set Up Google Alerts - YouTube
  2. Email Notifications for Google Forms - YouTube
  3. Make Google Alerts your virtual research assistant - YouTube
  4. How to Set up Google Alerts - YouTube
  5. How to add Speed Camera Alerts to Google Maps - YouTube
  6. Animated Stream Alerts (FREE PSD) - Tutorial by EdwardDZN ...
  7. GOOGLE ALERTS - YouTube
  8. Google Alerts
  9. Google Alerts - For Internet Marketers
  10. Get alerts about approaching due dates in Excel - YouTube

Send custom notification emails to different email addresses based on that answers that a respondent has filled in the Google Form. Use templates to insert d... Skip navigation Sign in. Search Google alerts are quick and easy and great to monitor your brand or name, or news discussed online. This quick video shows you how to set up Google alerts. Hello and welcome back to another tutorial, today we are taking a look at how to create clean animated stream alerts for your livestreams. This video is a co... The video offers a short tutorial on how to get alerts about approaching due dates in Excel. Update Jan 2020 - TomTom renamed their app to AmiGO. It's the same download link as before, but the icon will look different from the one in this video. It s... Bonnie Boots explains Google Alerts, a free online tool that will search the internet for any topic you designate, then email you the results--for FREE! A basic tutorial on how to set up google alerts. For more ideas on how you can customize your Google Alerts and Searches for better results, check out http:/... In this video we will show you all about using Google Alerts to keep up with things you like to search online. You will learn how to set up alerts so you will receive emails from Google showing ... - Google Alerts is a wonderful reporting tool that helps internet marketers increase search engine traffic, stay ahead of their co...