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2020.09.27 18:48 BenDerover691337 What to do when a girl says she'll get back to you?

I know, weird question. So I just went on a date with a girl, we met while doing volunteering at university and I thought she was pretty so I got her snap. We ended up arranging to meet yesterday and went on a walk around campus. She came to my place for a bit, we didn't do anything sexual besides like hugging and flirting a bit. Eventually she had to leave as she had a prior arrangement, but we had a solid hug while leaving and she said we should meet again.
I texted her a while afterwards and told her I had fun and that we should hang again before school starts, and she agreed but said she'd have to figure out what she needed to do before classes begin and that she'd let me know. I said alright and for her to hit me up and she said will do. In my experience they never do, so how do I approach this situation? I feel like she's interested, she said we have a lot in common and we had a great vibe, but I dunno, it could be a soft way of letting me down??
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2020.09.27 18:47 PM_ME_UR_PASTASALAD_ My (27M) “SO” (23F) wants to find herself

So this is a weird situation, for me anyway. I started seeing this girl around 4 months ago, and we hit it off right away. Kind of like when you meet someone and instantly become best friends with them. I told her I want to be in a relationship with her, but she had just gotten out of an engagement when we started talking, so she said she doesn’t want that right now. Understandable. We still do all the “relationship” stuff, going on dates, sex, she met my family, I stay at her house a few days a week, we spend most of our free time together, and we’ve both agreed not to see or talk to other people in a romantically emotional way. There just isn’t an official title or label on it I guess.
So today, I brought it up again. “Why aren’t we in a relationship? We already do all of the relationship stuff, what difference does it make if there’s a title on it?” She tells me she wants to work on figuring herself out, which I totally get. But I proposed the idea that if a relationship is getting in the way of her working on herself, then isn’t what we’re doing going to get in the way of that? I went through a period where I was working on myself too, and I did it by myself because I knew being attached to someone would get in the way of the level of personal development and growth I wanted to achieve. And I suggested to her that if she wants to “work on herself” in the most effective way, she should do it alone. That way she can be confident that she’s able to be happy alone, and know that the development she gets is a result of her own will and not the influence of another person.
She doesn’t agree. She says we can keep doing what we’re doing while she finds herself or whatever. I keep pushing back and saying I don’t think she’s gonna get the personal growth and development she needs while she’s having to devote time and emotional energy to another person.
What’s the right answer here? Sorry if any of this is confusing or unclear, I’ll answer any questions or provide more details if I need to
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2020.09.27 18:45 Gnarfn How do I (19M) continue?

Throwaway acc. English isnt my first language, so grammer is to be expected accordingly :D
So here is my story. I (19M) met a girl (18F) on a birthday party of a mutual friend. I immediatly saw her, and she is the most beautifull girl i have ever seen. I, on the other hand, are not as beautifull as i think i need to be, like if she is a 10, i may be a 6.5 or a 7 (in good litghting), so in my head i am like totally out of her league, but she still likes me, since i asked for her number and she gave it to me... SHE GAVE IT TO ME!!!
I am kind-of nervous (actually nervous as fuck) whenever i open the whatsapp chat between us, to the point where i have the Brain-Drian of death, thus am unable to write anything remotely appropriate.
How do i start a conversation? What are some rules one has to follow? How do i write without seeming annoying? How do i not mess things up???
I dont have much experience with girls, i only went on one date in my life and it went “kinda“ good. Never had a girlfriend, nor kissed a girl...
Any kind of help is appreciated, thx in advance
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2020.09.27 18:42 Shadowstruck 28 [F4M] UK Seeking a nice CF guy [pics included]

Hey all,
I'm a 28 year old woman living in birmingham. I'm a support worker for adults with brain injurys. Since lockdown i have quit smoking and i'm trying to become a bit healthier. I've started doing virtual challenges and am currently walking route 66 with my mum.
I'm hoping to find someone to go on some dates with and maybe more. As long as restrictions make it possible! In a perfect world i would love to find someone to have dogs and go on lovely holidays with. Hoping to ideally find something long term.
My interests include:
Disney movies, travelling, drag queens and Rupauls Drag Race, drag shows, poetry readings, visiting castles and national trust properties, reading, documentaries, true crime, board and video games, jigsaws, collecting quirky antiques and furniture, cartoons, Golden Girls, Catfish the tv show, cinema trips, day trips with my friends etc. etc.
Seeking someone chilled out that I can have a laugh with 23-35ish, and preferably based in UK.
PMs not chats please. (I only ever really use mobile)
Please keep your messages sfw.
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2020.09.27 18:42 ogvoidwalker2014 Got a Date

On day 18 now! This is my longest streak! And I just landed a date with a cute girl for next weekend! She’s really cute and I can’t wait to see her! I hate P!!!!!! I have so much confidence and energy!
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2020.09.27 18:38 throwaway34288 AITB for continuing a friendship with a complete asshole and not realizing he was so mean?

I was friends with this guy let’s call him B for a long time like 3 years. I’m a girl and we’re both in uni.
He used to be really nice and we were really close but then he started to like me however I didn’t return feelings. So we are just friends.
But ever since then he’s extremely critical of everything I do. He calls me unattractive, told me I would never attract men into my life (which is a complete lie) starts fights with me over very little things like how I wished my now boyfriend happy birthday over social media. He kept calling me over the phone to fight with me. Telling me I basically look like a slut cause I’m wishing my boyfriend happy birthday. He suddenly became extrEmist Christian and very judgmental of others.
I couldn’t be myself around him. I’m very spiritual and couldn’t ever express my beliefs. He kept telling me I need to get breast implants, change my clothing style and just random things. He just became so mean and judgmental very quickly. Then he got banned from a strip club his friends were assaulting the women there. He’s also gonna be 25 soon but still picks like 18 year olds fresh out of highschool to date. I knew he was borderline fucked up now so I decided to cut him off.
All of this behaviour came very sudden within maybe 4 months. My friends and boyfriend told me I’m stupid for not cutting him off four months earlier when it began
But tbh, it was sudden and I didn’t know what to think. I feel sorta dumb now. Like I wasted a lot of time. But I did, through those 4 months, tell him what I thought of his behaviour and I was mad at him. He pretended to listen but obviously never changed. I did realize he was an asshole but I always hoped he’d change.
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2020.09.27 18:36 monroefromtoughshed (30M) I have feelings for a close friend (28F) of mine, I haven’t tried dating or relationships for the last 6 years due to PTSD, and I have no idea what I’m doing.

I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing, because I’ve never really needed to know. I’ve always been sort of closed off due to anxiety and other things like that, so when I dated when I was younger it was usually because a girl was into me and approached me and did most of the work. I’ve never really been great at flirting or reading signals or really knowing what to do unless someone is basically throwing themselves at me or basically giving me bright flashing neon signs saying “I LIKE YOU” that even the densest person alive couldn’t miss.
So I don’t really know what to do. I’ve had one relationship in my life, and after that breakup 6 years ago I developed C-PTSD from that and some childhood abuse I went to. It’s really hard for me to open myself up to people and not feel like anyone I care about is going to reject me. I haven’t had a great success rate when it comes to relationships, and I really don’t want this to go poorly again.
I also haven’t been capable of really having feelings or being attracted to anyone in the last 6 years due to the PTSD, but recently I’ve recovered enough that I feel something again. I have been hanging out with this friend of mine recently a lot, she’s always meant a lot to me and I’ve always had a thing for her. I’ve been around her so much lately, my feelings are starting to get pretty strong.
So it would really mean a lot to me if I could figure what’s best to do in this situation. I know I should ask her to hang out just the 2 of us, because it’s always been with a group of our friends over the last couple months since we’ve been hanging out again. I asked her last weekend and it didn’t work out then, I’m a little scared to put myself out there again but I know that’s a pretty important step.
I also don’t know how to flirt with her or if that’s even really important. I don’t want to like hardcore hit on her and make her feel put off, but I feel like I should be doing something to distinguish myself and how I feel about her as being more than a friend. I also don’t know much texting is actually important, we don’t text much between hanging out, we just mostly talk when we see each other 2-3 times a week.
I guess I overall just don’t really know what to do. I’m a little concerned if I don’t act a certain way or something, our dynamic will just go deeper into where she views me as a friend, and I want to avoid that. But I also don’t want to go overboard on her. My friends and therapist told me to be patient and just be myself, but I feel like waiting too long is how you just end up as friends. And being myself kind of entails not being super confident, which has led to me not having many successful relationships. So pretty much any advice is appreciated.
tl;dr: I have PTSD which makes relationships very difficult, haven’t tried dating in 6 years, I have strong feelings for a close friend of mine and I have no idea how to act on it because I don’t have a lot of relationship experience to begin with
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2020.09.27 18:35 nothingfunnytooffer A Long Ass Bangin' Buds

Static starts. THE MYSTERIOUS MAN is alone in a control room that looks like a sci-fi server room from the 1980s. He speaks into a similarly teched-out microphone.
MYSTERIOUS MAN: The following podcast is not real. If it were real, it would most certainly not be dictated by a script written by a fan. Enjoy the show.
Static interrupts the feed and changes the view. MUNDEL THE GRUNDEL starts the musical intro, some bar noises heard in the background. Patrons move around the Vermillion Minotaur as the shot pans to that very table where the human from another world, ARNIE, the shapeshifter, CHUNT, and USIDORE, the Blue Wizard, drink and do their podcast.
ARNIE: Hello from the Magic Tavern!
Mundel trills
A(CONT): A weekly podcast from the magical land of Foon. I’m your host, Arnie Niekamp. If you never listened to the podcast before, don’t worry, this one is inconsequential. About… insert time frame here, I fell through a dimensional portal behind a Burger King, in Chicago, into the magical, fantastical land of Foon. Luckily, I’m still getting a slight Wi-fi signal from the Burger King, through the dimensional rift and I use that to upload a podcast I record every week here in the tavern, the Vermillion Minotaur, in the town of Hogsface, in the land of Foon! And I’m-
USIDORE: What do you mean “inconsequential”?
A:(stammers) I-I’m-just saying-
U: Everything we do is VERY CONSEQUENTIAL!!!
A:(sighs) And I’m joined, as always, by my co-host, my bud, and my boon companion-You know, I haven’t called you guys my boon companions in a while-Usidore the Wizard.
U: I AM USIDORE! Wizard of the 12th Realm of Ephysiyies, Master of Light and Shadow, Manipulator of Magical Delights, Devourer of Chaos-
A: Spaghetti
U:-CHAMPION OF THE GREAT HALLS OF TERR'AKKAS! The elves know me as Fi’ang Yalok.-
A: Feline Zelig
U: The dwarfs know me as Zoenen Hoogstandjes-
A: Hooba-
U: Shut up. And I am also known in the Northeast as Gaismunēnas Meista-
A: Glass anus.
U:(glares) And there may be other secret names that you do not know about. Aye, names so powerfully, so profound and unimaginable, that if you even utter the words underneath your breath, if that wind passes your lips, it would cause a fervor of murderous emotions within the female populations, destroying all the homes and villages within the surrounding area until it concludes in an orgasmic raging scream. Usually lasting 5-7 days with the last days being much lighter.
A: Wh-what?!?
U: Oh yes, it has happened once before in the tourist town of Cancon. A man found out my name and etched the whole endeavor.
A: That sounds really creepy.
U: It was more dangerous than creepy. It’s not the best to be that close when those Girls Go Wild.
A: I just hope their covering themselves up with a Red Tube, at minimum.
U: Impossible! A Red Tube would be much too small. Also, why would you put these women in a Red Tube? Seems rather impractical to have a singular item to protect them from the elements. But I am not one to judge. Unlike you, Arnold. Hashtag FREE THE NIPPLE!
CHUNT: Hey, are we talking about emails already? I got a new Bangin’ Buds story a fan sent!
A:-oh, and I’m also joined by my other co-host, Chunt, the talking badger!
C: Awww yeah baybee!
A: How are you doing, buddy?
C: Doing pretty good. I met up with a friend, Mrs. Puff. She is a puffer fish.
A: Mrs. Puff?
C: Yup, Mrs. Puff.
U: Oh, how is the Mrs.?
A: Wait, not with Mr. Puff too?
C: No, she’s a widower.
U: Yes, don’t be insensitive, Arnold.
C: So, I was hangout with Mrs. Puff. She’s a sweet little lady with a little blue hat that teaches a carting school. But she’s been a little lonely lately. Coming at me pretty hard. But as a gentle-badger, I kept my boundaries and told her I didn’t want to take advantage of her grief.
A: That’s nice, I guess.
C: Yeah, but she got really mad and made a face about it when I left. Really glad I didn’t stay. Could you imagine? Seeing me as a Huffled Puff?
A: Wh-Was the story really trying to lead up to that?
C: What do you mean? I just don’t see myself as a Huffeld Puff. Although, I think I would probably look adorable in a black and yellow tie.
U: I hear Huffeld Puffs are great finders.
A: Well as long as you don’t end up like Cedric Digory.
U & C: Who?
A: It-uh-it’s a guy on Earth that turned into a vampire. And then made a series of subpar movies. Maybe one good one snuck in.
C: I didn’t know they had vampires on Earth. He should come to Chunt for Red October and we can do an interview with him about what it likes to be a vampire on Earth. You know, make him feel at home.
A: Well I hear he hates it.
U: I would too if I were him, but then I Remember Me.
C: It would suck to be The Devil All the Time.
A: I don’t think I’m supposed to know that reference.
C: What reference? He’s your Earth person.
U:(Whispers to Chunt) I always wonder if Arnold has even a small Light in that House, if you know what I mean.
A: It’s Arnie.
U: Now, correct me if I was wrong, I thought you have told us that you world was devoid of magic and magical beings.
A: There aren’t any.
C: What about those Gatherings on Earth?
A: There’s nothing actually magical about it. It’s more fun at first, then gets really sad when you spend all your money and potential on the cards and forces you to move into your mother’s basement.
U: Ah, so there are magic cards in your world.
A: I could’ve sworn I told you about this before.
U: Arnie, you tell us a lot of stories we only halfheartedly listen too.
C: Sometimes zero-heartedly.
A: Aww…
C: Hey Arnie?
A: What?
C: You’re my best friend.
A: You’re MY best friend.
Usidore coughs.
A(CONT): Oh! And Usidore?(Usidore perks up.) I like you a lot.
U:(smug) Oh, why thank you!
A:(pauses) So you’re not gonnna-know what, nevermind. Hey guys, I actually don’t have any guests invited to the podcast today. I thought we would have a classic Boys’ Night!
C: Ooooooo
U: Wonderful! It has been so long since we had a Boys’ Night here, in the Vermillion Minotaur. Let us start at once!
C: Mmmmm Boys’ Night!
A: Boys’ Night!
C: Bing Bong!
Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore start to mumble to themselves about what to do during Boys Night. A HEAD GHOST starts approaching the table.
C: Hey-Hey guys! Check it out.
A: Is that a ghost?
C: It is! It’s a gh-gh-gh-ghost!
A: Jinkies
HG: Yeah, nice read, Velma. Just kidding, I stole that from Archer. You’re Arnie Niekamp, right?
A: Uh, yeah. Do you know me?
HG: Of Course. I know all of you. I’m actually a new fan of Hello from the Magic Tavern.
Mundel trills
HG(CONT) : Awww. Thanks, Mundel; you’re a sweetheart.
Mundel plays vibraslap.
A: Oh, we already did a fan episode, sorry.
CHEST TRÜNKBORN pops up from underneath.
CHEST: Maybe even two if you count when the Cockticklers came to research their play.
HG: Are you even available to talk today?
CHEST: Nope.
Chest pops back down under the table.
A: Hey, we don’t normally have guest asking to be on the show-
HG: I didn’t ask.
A: Okay then. Goodbye.
HG: NO NO NO! Sorry, I have really important questions for you guys. I wanna be on.(pouts) Please.
A: Well, sure. Welcome to the podcast!
U: Yes, thank you for ruining Boys’ Night.
C:(somberly) Aww Boys’ Night…
HG: Oh, Chu chu…sorry.
A: So, um, ghost, come up to the mic and tell us a little more about yourself.
HG:(exhales) Okay! Well, my name is Metabeth-
A: Metabeth?
METABETH: Yeah, Metabeth.
U: Sounds about right.
A: Don’t you mean “Meredith”?
C: Arnie, are you man-plaining her own name? She clearly said Metabeth.
A: Well I didn’t mean it like that! It’s doesn’t sound like a name-I mean doesn’t sounds like a name I expected to hear.
M: As opposed to Arnie Niekamp? Doesn’t even have the word “Knee” in it.
U: Ha HA! Good one! Arnold, you might as well be walking on stubs since you have no knees.
M: No knees? No toes?
C: But he does own elbows.
M: So he can’t be nubs.
C: It helps that he’s not totally rad.
M: It would be fun to call him nubs.
A: Now who’s being insensitive?
M: Hey, that song is pretty body positive. And apparently based on a real person.
A: Really?
M: According to Reddit and Wikipedia, yeah. But who believes all the trivia nerds say on the internet? So yeah, my name is Metabeth. It’s Greek.
A: Wh-what? Like Greece?
M: Yeah, I’m from Earth, too.
U: Oh, really?
C: So, you can tell me what’s a Danny DeVito is and why everyone on Earth wants him to be a pi-ka-chu?
M: Dude, that’s reference is, like, two years old. What brought that up? Oh wait, first, he’s a short, grumpy, loveable old man that would be adorable to play an anime mouse.
C: So if Arnie and Usidore’s love child got lil’ squished.
Chunt uses his hands to show a compressing motion.
U: And what’s an anime?
A: Guys, hold up. She just said she’s from Earth. How did you get here? And why are you a ghost then?
M: Oh, well, about two weeks ago I traveled to Chicago and entered the front door of a Burger King-
C: Who phrases it like that?
M:-I was heading back to my car to go back to my friend’s place when I dropped my phone through a dimensional rift in the parking lot. Not sure if it was the same one as yours, but the size of the portal was fluctuating. I debated how far I wanted to go to get my phone. Started with a finger to slip through the hole, then when I felt I was ready, I put a second one in, wiggling it around until I could feel it.
U: So your phone was on a spot on the ground in Foon, a ground spot or g-spot, if you will.
M: Sure. The portal opened up enough so I could actually see my phone, but it was further away than I thought-
A: Oh, no.
M: Yeah, you’re catching on. By the time I was at a length to reach my phone. Bloop. Dead. My head and arm were on this side of the portal and the rest of my body is at that Burger King.
A: Wow, I am so sorry that happened to you.
U: I’m not. You got a good deal on a beheading. Why, here in Foon it would cost you an arm and a leg.
M: Well my arm is somewhere by the portal entrance if the asshole who closed the portal wants it. The morgue on Earth probably has the rest.
A: And you’ve been here for two weeks?
M: Yup! Two weeks.
A: What have you been doing with your time?
M: Well the first week I have been lying on the ground, sobbing uncontrollably about my death. Tried to hit myself with my own arm to numb the pain.
U: Your arm on this side?
M: No, my ghost arm. I don’t know how ghost work on Foon, but my head got a ghost and my arm got a ghost.
A:(turns to Usidore) Usidore, is that really how it works?
U: Oh yes. Remember Snaken Freshgrave? His foot is a ghost.
C: I think his foot is only part ghost, so everybody would have to cut the Foot Loose to make it a full ghost.
U: That’s right! Let us Hear It for the Boy.
C: Eyyy let’s hear it for my baybee.
A: Hey, stop Holding Out for a Hero.
M: Why bring up Shrek 2? It was subpar compared to the original.
A: That’s in Shrek 2? They made a Shrek 2?
M: Yeah, when I was like ten. You probably know it, right?
A: How old do you think I am?
Metabeth pauses almost ready to count but does not trust that any answer is right.
M: Hmm…that’s a trap.
Arnie looks incredulous. He turns to his co-host, hoping to find some sort of meaning in this response, but they provide no such insight.
M(CONT) : Anyway, this past week I’ve learned that Foon is real and I wanted to find you guys. When I found you guys the first time, it seem like you just finished your podcast and I didn’t want to stalk you for a week, so I’ve been trying to learn how to be a floating head.
A: So you’ve been waiting so you can get your chance to be on the podcast? I don’t know if I should be grateful or weirded out by this. You, kind of, effectively stalked us anyway so you could be on the show.
M: I guess. It’s a little of a “Notice me Sempai” moment for me.
A: A what?
M: “Notice me Sempai”? Like finding your heroes and getting them to recognize you. It’s like a weeb version of that.
C: Arnie, what’s a weeb?
A: What? I don’t know.
U: Arnold-
A: It’s Arnie.
U:-You are supposed to be our guide, our liaison, to the other world that you’ve come from. How can you claim that you don’t know these basic terminologies?
A: Well it could be slang from her generation. I’ve been gone for years now.
M: I guess it could be more slang that not slang. I just chalk it up to me being weird. I feel like I’m being a damper to all this. Maybe I’ll just go.
Metabeth turns away sadly. Arnie starts to jump out of their seats to reach out to the ghost. He does not actually leave his seats, just enough the bend their knees a little so the chairs make a scrapping noise.
A: No, you’re fine! You can stay!
C: See what you did Arnie, you hurt her feelings.
U: There, There, sad Metabeth. Would it ease your pain to hurt Arnie with your words like he has hurt you with his?
C: Or try to hit him with your ghost arm?
A: Hey…
M: I can’t. My arm kind of just does what it wants these days. Hey, if I can’t control my arm and it acts on its own, does it really belong to me? Is it still me? Whoa. Philosophical questions, man.
C: A real Existentialism on Prom Night.
U: I suppose there would not be any relations if the arm has sentient and independent of use. Perhaps if we can find this phantom limb, we can see if it responds to our questions without your assistance.
M: Sounds easier than hitting myself with my own skull.
A: That doesn’t seem physically possible.
M: Well I am a ghost and that reference was just for me. So, I think that’s a great place to start. Find ghost arm and you guys can teach me how to ghost!
A: But we’re not ghosts. Wouldn’t it be easier to find other ghosts to help you? Chunt, isn’t your dad a hunger ghost?
C: EW I’m not trying to set up my dad with someone else.(turns to Metabeth to solely talk to her) Um, by the way, he’s a really nice guy and very funny.
M:(to Chunt) Oh I’ve heard. Not sure if I’m ready to date other ghosts yet, though. So, um, thank you?
C: But hey, this seems like a good opportunity for us. It’s been a while we’ve been on a real quest.
U: We’re always on a quest TO DEFEAT THE DARK LORD!
C: I’m just saying, we don’t have much going on in the immediate future. Arnie even said that we didn’t have guest today. We could head out, leave the tavern, and find Metabeth’s arm.
A: You lost me on leaving the tavern.
C: You lazy shit.
A: Chunt!...(exhales)…You’re a good friend.
C: You’re a good friend.
M: Um, can we still put a pin on finding my arm or my arm ghost?
A: Oh yeah sure.
Arnie pulls out a pen and paper starts to scribble down on a piece of paper.
A(CONT):(mumbles) Find Metabeth’s dead arm.
M: Oh, and ghost arm.
A:(mumbles)...and ghost arm.
U: I wouldn’t put too much faith in finding her physical arm. It has been two weeks after all.
M: Aww…
C: Usidore! Now you hurt her feelings.
Chunt now pulls out a pen and paper and starts to scribble.
C(CONT): Now I have to put your name down for who Metabeth has to hit with her arm. Arnie…. Usidore….
M: But you guys will help me find my ghost arm, right?
Arnie, Chunt and Usidore give wearily looks and reluctantly agree.
M(CONT) : …You didn’t actually write it down, did you?
A: It’s on the list!
C:(sarcastically) Yeah, right above defeating the Dark Lord.
Arnie, glares at Chunt.
C(CONT): What?
A: It’s. On. The. List. And guys, I got a system on the best way to get all these tasks done. Every item is important.
U: Of Course, of course. We will most certainly aid you on your quest. We will always help those who need it because it is good. And I am devoted to defeat evil. FOR I AM USIDORE THE BLUE! And I swear on the conspiracy of wind, fire, earth, and birds, and lightning, and rocks, and frogs, and mud from which I was born from, FULL FORMED AND STARK NAKED, to be champion of Foon and return your missing limbs to you because that is what was right and just in this land!
M : It’s really only one arm.
A: Why are you focused on just finding your arm here? Wouldn’t you want to return to Earth where the rest of you and your family is?
C: Weird to hear that come out of your mouth.
M: You see…I never really believed in ghost until I became one. I guess I’m a little scared that if I go back to Earth, I may not exist. I mean the portal was still open when I died and I didn’t see my body produce a ghost.
C: ARNIE! The portal is still open, you can return home!
M: Oh no, it’s gone now. At least I didn’t see it open while I was crying on the ground. Such an ugly cry.
A: Well you probably couldn’t see through the tears in your eye.
M: So, yeah, no, the portal is gone. And I still don’t know if ghosts exist on Earth.
C: Yeah, I would hate if you broke the show with that revelation. UGH.
A: I love to return to Earth to-
C: No no no no, I just remembered I described your and Usidore’s love child and I threw up in my mouth.
A and U: What?
M: It was a bit and a half ago. Eyy the power of editing.
A: So, Metabeth, can I call you Beth?
M: No.
A: So, Metabeth, it seems like you’ve learned a few ghost tricks like floating in the short time you’ve been here in Foon. That’s pretty impressive, even if you’re just a floating head.
M: Yeah. It did take some time. I rolled around a lot. Got some dirt and shit up my noncorporeal head. So, the transparency was nice. Once I learned how to float, the world did open up more.
A: Have you been traveling a lot then?
M: Uhhh kinda. I was a little lost when I first came out. And no one could fucking see me for a while since I haven’t learned how to be visible yet.
U: You should see Germ then. She’s a makeup artist that can highlight ghosts.
M: Is she still alive? I’m not caught up yet.
U: Then I won’t ruin it for you.
M: Might’ve helped. I was kicked in the face a whole lot. I wanted to ask around for directions and actually learn where I was.
A: Then how did you know that this was Foon?
M: Mostly assumption. Travelers love to say “Here in the land of Foon”.
U: Ah, yes. People here in the land of Foon are known to say that thing.
M: I’m still 70/30 that this is all a dream of my dying mind though.
C: That’s very M. Night of you.
A: What’s M. Night here in the land of Foon?
C: It’s between L. Nights and N. Nights where everything ends is a twist. At first it was amazing, but now its predictable.
M: It’s a whole Shama Lama Ding Dong.
A: I had a dream that I was Delta at a toga party.
M: What?
A: Shit, are you too young for that reference?
Everyone gives a puzzled look to Arnie.
A(CONT):(whimpers)…Animal House?
Metabeth hesitates, then blows raspberries.
A(CONT): Oh god…
Arnie puts his hands on his face in depression. Chunt and Usidore holds off giving a similar aged face but are still relieved that they are not as old as Arnie is in comparison.
C: Metabeth, let’s get to know a little more about you. How old are you?
M: I’m mid 20s.
Arnie slumps lower into his chair in sadness.
M(CONT): I’m actually a little curious about you though, Chunt. You said your age fluctuate with the shapeshifting, but how old are you actually? You were born in a Foon year, how many Foon years ago was that?
C: I rather not kiss and tell.
M: I don’t think that’s how that phrase works?
C: Are you sure?
M: Pretty sure.
C: Well it might be different on Earth than it is in Foon.
M: So what’s “kiss and tell” on Foon?
U: “Kiss and Tell” is when two being, man, woman, child-
A: Don’t say child.
U:-rock, bird, elf, etcetera agree on when they were blessed by the kiss of life. Then they tell people about it.
A: So you need two people to determine an age?
U: Don’t you need two people on Earth to determine the age? At the very least it can be between the person who was asked and a complete stranger.
M: That does make sense, I guess. And not that far off from Earth “Kiss and Tell”.
C: So what’s Earth’s “Kiss and Tell”?
A: Don’t bother with more Earth stuff Metabeth.
M, C, and U: Aww….
A: Oh fine, you can talk about Earth stuff if you want.
C: Awesome! So, Metabeth, what’s “Kiss and Tell”?
M: Ehhh…I don’t wanna talk about Earth stuff right now.
C: Dammit.
M: Nah just kidding. I always wanted to say that. It’s like your “Kiss and Tell” but more actually kissing than telling.
C: Ew.
U: Gross.
M: Oh, I suddenly regret the phrasing of that statement. Can I explain it again?
U: No. It’s too late. You already said it.
M: God dammit.
A: Alright let’s take a quick break-
M: Really? You want to put in your sponsor after that mess of an explanation. It just included children in kissing and telling.
The group talks at the same time.
A: Jeez
C: Nooo…
U: Boooo
A: Well now I can’t shift it over like that. We’ll lose our sponsorship.
U: Dear Listeners of the podcast, the opinions of our guests do not reflect the opinions of the hosts.
M: So, I get a redo?
A, C, and U: No!
C: It’s funnier this way, trust us.
M: Are you sure? It mostly feels like a One Person Amateur Hour? Like you think you’re being funny but it’s really jokes you’re writing to yourself?
C: Mmmmm…no.
A: It doesn’t have to be funny.
U: Maybe your jokes are just overtly meta.
A: Okay, now should be a good time take that break.
C: I’m going to grab a drink from the bar. You guys want anything?
U: I shall take an ale, of course. Why thank you, Chunt.
A: I’m feeling a little bloated-
U: Little?
C: Feeling?
A: …I’m good with water.
M: OH! I can finally try a rainbow bowl! No hallucinogens though. Does not work well with me.
A: But ghost can’t eat anything, right?
M: Really? Fuck.
U: Haven’t you noticed that you weren’t hungry during the last two weeks? That you didn’t eat or drink anything or felt the need?
M: Well, once again, that first week is a little of a mulligan. So what things…can I have at the bar?
C: Well you don’t have to get anything.
U: I believe that during the Dark Lord’s reign over Hogsface, there may be a stash of tingle in the back. If you consume it, the that should protect the mere mortals of the tavern and take the power away from the forces of evil.
M: And what would that do to me?
U: You should be more ghostly and see your brain.
M: Would you guys still be able to see me?
U: I’m pretty sure.
M: Then I will try that!
C: Well Usidore, that will on your tab then.
A: Okay let’s take a break for real.
The scene changes and Mundel plays the sponsor theme. A spotlight shines on a single vendor, PODLEY, in fairly peasant garb ready to talk.
PODLEY: Hello, my name is Podley. I am a temporary work for my company until I pay back my master, which is a large sum. I am here to offer the services of me and my compatriots for several odd end jobs. So, if you have been having trouble paying close attention to details or difficult tasks, constantly lose things, and cannot perform structured tasks, come find us with RIDALIMB. With RIDALIMB, you can get the assistance you need with simple task like finding your way home, locating your child, remembering you have a child, cooking food without leaving the fire on for too long. We understand that even easy tasks are hard. We’re in Foon; living is hard. So, hire us. My family is in desperate need for food. Our master asked paid for this advertisement in hopes to make up for my incompetence. If you don’t hire me or any of my peers, my master will get rid of one of our limbs in order to offset the debt. Ask my master if RIDALIMB is the right choice for you. But I hope it is, and I hope it’s me.
The music stops and the scene rolls back to the Vermillion Minotaur. Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore are back at the table with their drinks while Metabeth is floating around and rolling in the air.
A: And we’re back. I hope everyone had a good break.
M:(still rolling) WooOOOooo
U: Do not worry. I will go contain her.
Usidore stands up from his chair and his hands meet up with Metabeth’s head to grab her. He brings the head down to the table and paces the head on the table.
M: Aww…
A: How are you feeling, Metabeth?
M:(sadly) I mean, I’m sobering up pretty quickly.
C: Yeah, and you went through the whole tingle stash all at once.
M: Yeah, was that really safe? It was my first time doing all that.
A: Well it’s not like you can overdose on it or anything.
M: I’m already dead, asshole.
A: That’s what I mean! I mean, realistically, what’s the worst thing that could happen as a ghost?
U: You can get addicted to it. It’s still a drug by the way.
C: I think my dad was in rehab for his tingle addition.
M: Yeah, why did you guys let me take so many at once?
A: Hey, when you say stuff here, foresight is 20/20.
C: Isn’t it hindsight?
A: Alright, 60/40.
U: You didn’t even change the term, just the number.
A: Oh, you know how bad I am at math.
U: Is that really the crux of the argument?
A: But hey, we still have a guest. Normally, we just ask how they spend their time in Foon, but since you already summed up your experience before the break, I guess we can ask about your life on Earth?
C: So is this technically an Earth Stuff Episode?
A: We already had an Earth Stuff Episode and we’re halfway through this one.
C: But it’s been decades since we did an Earth Stuff episode.
A: It’s more like years, not decades. What was the time I said in at the top of the podcast? It’s about that amount of time.
C: But we got a score to settle with the time between Earth Stuff episodes!
M: Are these just year puns now?
U: Oh, pointing out the theme of the banter. Such a millennial move.
M: Oh, OK Boomer. Wait, what’s a millennial here in the land of Foon?
U: Someone that lives within a single millennium. Easy enough. Now what’s a Boomer on Earth?
M: A crotchety, nasty old man that won’t let me do what I want.
U:(gasps) How DARE you!?!?
A: Alright, lets focus up again to the interview.
C: Arnie focusing us up?
U: That doesn’t seem right. Did you get a free sample from Ridalimb?
A: What’s that?
U: And he’s back.
C: Yup, no need to go back to the marketing for this.
U: Unless it’s for BETTER HELP!
A: Anyway, Metabeth
M: Yup.
A: If it’s not too much trouble, can you tell us your life while you were alive?
C:(gasps) Arnie, you can’t just ask what people did when they were still alive?
U: So not fetch.
M: Shit, now I’m struggling with what today’s date is.
C: It’s October 3rd.
M: Nice.
A: There’s got to be a limit to how many times we can get off track.
U: The limit does not exist, Arnold.
A: It’s Arnie.
M: I’m sorry, are we still doing this?
A: Oh right! So Metabeth.
M: Yup.
A: What was your life like back on Earth?
M: Oh yeah, so I was born in New Jersey-
Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore give a collective groan.
M: You have a problem with Jersey, Ohio?
A: There’s just a bunch of jokes about New Jersey.
M: I’ve heard almost all of them.
A: That people live there to commute to the better states.
U: And the people are Orange and full of trash.
Arnie and Metabeth stare at Usidore.
U(CONT): Are we not talking about Old Jersey?
A: No, there’s a New Jersey on Earth, and probably an old Jersey.
C: Oh, and what’s Jersey like on Earth?
A and M: It’s about the same.
M: And to make fun of where you came from, I see why you left.
A: I don’t know what you mean. Just because the last place I lived on Earth was Chicago, doesn’t mean I don’t have fond memories of my home in Ohio.
M: Well most of the astronauts came from there and the left to get away.
A: They were astronauts! They left the entire Earth!
U: She’s got a point.
C: Does she? I mean the whole thing seems forced.
U: That’s true.
A: Well, we can talk about something else-
C: No more Earth Stuff?
M: I mean, what do you need to know?
C: Why are all the adults on Earth tired of hangout out with their kids this year?
M: Jesus Christ. If I had control of my hand, I would palm myself on the forehead.
A: Then you could’ve had a V8.
U: And why are people trying to flatten the curb? Surely curves are supposed to have their peaks.
M: This might be where I have to pull the “I don’t want to talk about Earth stuff” card.
A: Then now that you’re dead, what are you gonna do next?
C: Is that your “What’s next?” version for other Earth people?
M: I think I’ll settle down by the city of fish.
A: The city of fish?
U: Like Fish City?
A: Fish City?
C: Fish City.
M: Yeah, keep going.
A: Fish City.
C:(giggles) Fish City
A: Fish City. Fish City. Fish City. Fish City. Fish City. Fish City. Fi-OH GOD DAMMIT!
M: Ah HA! Gotcha! Yeah, I don’t know what I want to do. Maybe I’ll do something I always wanted to do on Earth that now I have all the time for.
A: What’s that?
M: Screenwriting. Well I guess it would be play writing since you guys…don’t have movies.
C: Ooo any stories you have in mind?
M: That’s the thing, I’ve always been an outline person. Coming up with a compelling story is not really in my wheelhouse. Same with improv and causal, lighthearted conversations that last more than 30 minutes. I just write ideas and then never come back to them again.
U: I guess you do have all the time in the world to practice the craft.
M: Exactly! Although I did explore other options. Like there is an actual science community here. I have a rudimentary understanding of math and science, and sanitation, and hygiene that I could share with this world. Prevent diseases here common on Earth and the abundance of child death. So, so much child death.
A: Yes, so much child death.
M: But, you know, I just want to do entertainment.
U: Oh sweet child-
M: I’m in my mid 20s.
U: You can use your gifts that you have acquired here in Foon and develop the world closer to how it is on Earth. But with Magic! Is it really worth abandoning this knowledge? You have so much potential.
A: I’m from Earth, too.
U: Well, you have such little potential.
M: And I do have a plan when I’m here longer. I still need to grasp how to grasp things as a ghost. I plan to go to that science center, write down small tidbits of science on a piece of paper, put that paper in an envelope, and write down “magical revelations” on it. That should confuse the shit out of them.
Chunt finishes his drink loudly. A ghost of the drink starts to float up.
M(CONT): Oooooo can I drink that?
C: Yeah, go ahead, it’s a ghost after all.
Metabeth rushes to the ghost drink and tries to chug it like there’s no tomorrow.
A: Chug chu-oh she’s already finished.
C: Damnnn
U: Don’t get too overzealous about it or you’ll be forced to go to AA.
A: AA?
U: It is-uhhh-Ad-Adventurers in Abbeys.
C: Yeah, that’s when you go to an abbey drunk, find a pipe, and collect all the coins and mushrooms.
U: And you can’t return to the surface until you sober up.
A: Do you get to keep the coins and stuff?
C: Only if you make it back to the castle. You will have to start over if you trip or fall or get hit by a hammer.
U: Unless you ate one of the mushrooms beforehand.
A: And which castle would you have to return to?
C: I’m pretty sure it’s the castle with the peaches. Oh, and it has a flagpole you have to touch.
U: Try not to be on the adventure during the wintertime. I knew someone who got their tongue stuck on it.
A: Why would you use your tongue?
U: It wasn’t me. It was Chris.(sinisterly) I dared him to do it.
C: I know this. This is A Chris-Must Story I have to hear every year.
U: I tell it all day at Tavern Be Salty.
C: The TBS?
U: That’s the one.
C: Well, I know what I’m doing next Chris-must. Arnie, you should come with.
A: Well I would like to B-B with you, but I might shoot my eye out.
M: Booo
A: You better be practicing your ghost.
M: Sure, why not.
Mundel trills
A: So guys, this would be the time that I would read out the emails sent to us. As always, you can reach me at [email protected], yes it’s a real email address. And you can continue to email all of us there, but right now I don’t have any emails to read out today.
U: Really?
A: Yeah, don’t read too much into why I don’t have any. Hopefully, we’ll have more emails to read next podcast.
C: Wow, you didn’t come prepared for a guest, you don’t have any emails, you ruined Boys Night-
U: Actually, Metabeth ruined Boys’ Night.
M: Still here by the way.
U: You heard me.
M: You wanna fight, mate?
U: What’s with the accent all of a sudden?
C: I think Metabeth is still on that tingle buzz.
A: Tingle. Not Even Once.
C: Well sure, mortals will die when they take it.
Chunt shuffles some papers around to find his emails.
C(CONT): Luckily for you guys, I have an email with me. You can email me at [email protected]. That is Chunt with six T’s. You can also reach me at chuntttttt, also with six t’s, on Twitter.
U: And you can reach me on Twitter at usidoretheblue.
C: Okay, the email is from OP: “Hi Chunt, Arnie and Usidore. I started listening to you guys around the beginning of September 2020. I was the one that asked you to bring Clayton and Chris from Hell to be on the show.-“
U: Who are they?
C: Baby don’t know. I guess people from Hell she wants you to summon.
U: Well if they are evil, they will go back to the depths where they belong.
C: Alright, okay. Um: “I’m not sure when you read these emails, so I wanted to give a frame of reference…. besides the timestamp of the email, I guess. Anyway, around halfway of my binging of Season 2, I started to write a fan fiction script. Note: I am not a writer, this is still a #philthevoid type of amateur content, but I hope that when you read this, you’ll get a good chuckle on the overload of meta jokes and how much fans, even recent ones, appreciate what you do. Even if you can’t read any of this on the podcast, I’ll see if I can put the full form on reddit! Hopefully when you read this, I’ll be completely caught up to the whole series. I’m excited to see what you guys do next. All the Best, OP” And then there was a Bangin’ Buds attached, and oh boy, it’s a fucking novel.
A: Let me see?
Arnie takes the papers, including the script from Chunt.
A: Holy shit, how fucking long is this?
U: It seems to be the length of a standard podcast episode.
M: Or at least an attempt to be. One pages doesn’t necessarily equal one minute. Even during edits, you can’t really gauge how long scripts could be.
U: Spoken like a true novice of the art of writing.
A: Is there even a bit you can read off?
C: Well, I started to try to find something we can say, but the beginning is weird: “The Mysterious Man is alone in a control room that looks like a sci-fi server room from the Earth’s 1980s. He speaks into a similarly teched-out microphone. The Mysterious Man: The following podcast is not real. If it were real, it would most certainly not be dictated by a script written by a fan.” Like why include this “mysterious man” in the first place?
U: That is strange.
A: Well we do get some emails directed to him. I always thought that people were referring to another podcast but maybe she included that part so we don’t confuse it with a transcript of the podcast.
U and C: What’s a transcript?
A: Oh geez…um okay, it’s like if someone took our words and wrote everything down from start to finish.
C: Like every time I say “Baybee. Making Baybee. Nasty boi”?
A: Uh, yeah. If you said it would be written out for other people to read.
U: Wait, we do have that here in the land Foon, but you really think someone is listening to the words I speak at this very moment and writing each individual word?
A: Yeah, that’s how it works.
U: Waste of time, but okay.
Usidore creeps up to the podcast equipment as if to sneak up to the mic.
U(CONT): Dear listener on the other side of the microphone. I am not sure why you wish to write all that I speak, but do not be misguided FOR ONE SECOND that you can control me with your words. STOP. YOUR. RECORDING. STOP IT! I alone dictate my words and you cannot predict anything for you are, most likely, a powerless human with nothing special about you. I am a wizard of awesome power that CANNOT BE CONTAINED! For this magic you are performing, this Dark Magic, must not continue whist the Dark Lord ruins amuck in all dimensions. Try to stop me with these words. Pineapple. Storks. The ale filled with spiders. Dicks and Balls. Squizzle nugget. Moist. Dosodorph. Hungry, Egg shells
Usidore shifts his tone from his threatening voice to his sensual recipe reading voice.
U(CONT): Ham Sandwich. Slow dried Jerky. Deviled eggs, seasons with the most exquisite spices. Carefully laid on top of some crisp lettuce and carrots. Served cold with a side of rooster feet imported from Fingeria. And smothered wit-
Arnie snaps his fingers in front of Usidore.
A: Usidore! Usidoore!
C: I think he’s in the Recipe State again.
U: Uh UH AH! Ah, what was I saying?
A: I think it was just random nonsense.
U: Do you think the audience could follow that?
C: Usidore, we couldn’t even follow that if we tried.
U: Ah, good. Suck on that TRANSCRIPTOR!
M: OH, I almost forgot! Usidore! I have a secret name for you from Earth!
U: I would like to know one of these names.
M: The average human knows you as Matt Young.
U: I will add it to the list.
M: Just only use it when you want one less wall.
A: Alright, so Metabeth, thank you for being on the show.
M: Yeah, thanks for having me.
C: Maybe we’ll see you again and help you find your ghost arm.
M: Ehhhh, it might be a one-time deal. But hey, I’m always open for if you need me. Well….kinda. Maybe I’ll figure out this ghost thing first.
U: You should also find the Cockticklers to collaborate with them and train yourself to the art of playwriting.
M: Even I’m just a head, I can probably still be a good Cocktickler.
C: They could benefit from a good head.
U: Just try not to use too much teeth.
M: But I can still use my tongue, right?
A: Oh God Dammit.
The scene zooms out from the table. Mundel starts to play the outro, but static cuts in and shifts the scene back to the bunker. Different blips and bloops are played in the back and we focus on the Mysterious Man again in his broadcast room again.
MM: Well isn’t that a fan’s wet dream. Ugh, I’m so glad I don’t have to humor that dribble anymore. You can even tell that the script was just a random stream of thought. But then again, that makes it no different than the garbage made from the improv nonsense we’re all used to by now. Arnie Niekamp was played by Arnie Niekamp, because I don’t mention it enough that all of this is even faker than it usually is. Usidore the Wizard was played by Matt Young, who wasn’t sure any of his monologues was long enough. Chunt the Shapeshifting Badger was played by Adal Rifai, which the screenwriter had to look up to make sure his name was spelled right. It’s easy, it’s R-I-then you let google autofill the rest. Metabeth the Head Ghost was played by Special Guest OP. She wrote the entire script instead of studying for her licensing exam. Shame on you! She doesn’t really have any sharable social media in fear that she will fall back into depression when she sees all her friends are having fun without her. Podley is played by whoever wants it. And Chest Trunkborn was briefly played by Travis McElroy, in hopes we can get two snip bits from him. It also says the Mysterious Man is played by Tim Sniffen, but I play myself. Go back and fact check your actors. Produced by Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, and Adal Rifai. Edited by No One since OP does not believe in the concept in proofreading. Theme music by Andy Poland. Logo by Allard Lamban. Whew. One fan script down, about hundreds more to go. Have any of these newbies taken an English Class in their life?
Static shifts to Mundel starts to play the outro music again.
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2020.09.27 18:33 avaschmidt13 When does making ur SO come above what’s healthy?

When does making ur SO come above what’s healthy?
My bf and I got into a fight bc me going on a boat w my family last minute today made him uncomfortable and I ended up not going. His point was he blocks girls who I want blocked to keep me comfortable even tho he thinks it’s unnecessary so I should not go on the boat to keep him comfortable even tho I think it’s ridiculous.
The girls he blocked, one showed up at his house and the other thought they were dating for no reason. Wicked boundary crossing.
He was upset about the boat bc he has fear of last minute changes/unknowns. I woke up to an invite today w no forewarning, and I wasn’t sure who’d b on the boat today.
What are you guys’ thoughts? Do u do anything to make ur SO happy? Do u say no when u think it’s unhealthy? Somewhere in the middle?
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2020.09.27 18:33 throwaway437282 How much does tribe and culture matter?

Western society is very individualistic and in the market people do interact with each other.
But sometimes I do notice that people self segregate almost based on race even?
I personally used to hang out mostly in the black community and then expanded my friendship group to include other people from other races and backgrounds.
I’ve lived a very “multi-cultural” life but now all of a sudden I have to become very tribalistic. In that I feel insane pressure to marry within my tribe. Otherwise I will feel massive guilt for not carrying on my black parent’s lineage, even though I am technically already mixed. (Half black and half brown)
My black parent’s tribe is in a minority, so there’s not much I can do in terms of dating, so the only other option left is to opt for an arranged marriage by traveling to my black parent’s country of origin and marry someone I have not had the chance to get to know much?
Couple with the distance between Africa and the country I reside in; this would make communication even harder, if not for social media, which I am not counting on that they would have access to. As when I visited the country in younger years, they were very impoverished.
Even if I date any black girl from where I currently live, it will still be seen as not carrying on the legacy of my black parent’s tribe?
I’m currently in college and there are so many women I would love to date, but I feel stuck, because no girl could possibly be from my tribe as they’re a needle in a haystack
Couple this with also being attracted to non black girls and I essentially feel trapped
Lurking this sub, I have noticed there is a division between “Hoppeans” and other ancaps. In that Hoppeans advocate for preserving cultures. Which can also slide into white nationalism or ethnicity nationalism
I don’t deny that self segregation and ethnic enclaves are a natural thing, even without the state.
However now I’m super confused.
My black parent obviously want to preserve their tribe and ethnicity and even want to probably make an ethnic enclave for themselves and an ethnostate in their home country.
However it seems so oppressive to me to feel that I am forever bound by my tribe and ethnicity and never have the choice to marry out? Regardless of whether it is interracial or not?
From my understanding, Hoppeans seem to advocate that tribes and cultures and ethnicities are the natural order and that they produce high trust societies, like Japan for example.
And that multi ethnic societies reduce high trust and prevent freedom economically?
So essentially, to aid in freedom from the state, you should rely on your extended family for support, which I agree with. But wouldn’t this also mean that you then have no choice but to stick to your tribe, ethnicity and culture?
While other ancaps argue that markets produce “multi culturalism” by default due to things like comparative advantage?
Essentially; I do understand that culture and ethnicity is real and important, but how can you reconcile this with someone who has grown up in the west and to be very individualistic? If marriage and family matters, wouldn’t that mean that you would have to settle aside your individuality and freedom of choice for your tribe and culture?
TL/DR: There is a dilemma for me between feeling like ethnostates; regardless of white or black are the only way to have a successful family life and extended family life. And it the family and extended family is the first line of defence against the state, aren’t Hoppeans then correct when they say that tribes, ethnicities and cultures matter?
But how do I reconcile this with my personal dilemma of feeling like I have to opt for an arranged marriage; just to keep my extended family and family happy?
What happened to freedom of choice to marry who you want and individualism?
As essentially; I feel controlled by my family in being coerced to marry who they want, rather than who I want?
Essentially, I was an individualist and saw people for their character before their race. But now when it comes to marriage it’s become all about lineage, race, ethnicity and culture, rather than character?
It’s making me heavily depressed and confused. What are your arguments when it comes to a situation like this?
submitted by throwaway437282 to Anarcho_Capitalism [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 18:30 nick4fake Anyone who dates/dated trans girl: does it differ from relationship with cis girl? What was unusual or unexpected?

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2020.09.27 18:30 abhiram222 All andrew tate courses. top quality videos. Dm me for proof

I have almost all of the Andrew Tate courses and the Godmode by Tristan Tate. The courses are with the best quality that can be found.
!For more information send me a DM!
Andrew Tate courses list:
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2020.09.27 18:28 bostonkid617 Went on a 1st date and i'm really into this girl. Haven't felt this way in a while ( nervous)

I was instantly taken aback by how attractive she was. She was also smart and we legit talked for hours on end with no real pause. I'm so into this girl that I am nervous. I don't remember being into someone this way in a long time. After last night, I know I want to date this girl. There is some nervousness that I am feeling because I don't want to miss the opportunity. I am not the best texter and it is stressing me out. My main concern is boring her via text. As of now, I really am interested in her.
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2020.09.27 18:26 sapphicwilowisp not over ex HELP

okay so a little history - I'm a 26 yo enby trans woman, been 'out' since I was 22, mostly dated masc-of-center non-binary lesbians since then. Not trying to get over any of them tho, no. MY HIGH SCHOOL RELATIONSHIP ugh is unfortunately what brings me here today, wise lesbians of the internet. We dated for 2 years, before I was out, obvi. It was a typical mutually co-dependant high school relationship, but also as time has gone on, way more of a "gal pals" vibe, if that makes sense. we stayed in touch off and on after our relationship ended, but haven't talked in 4-5 years. Fast forward to last week: I log into my Tumblr after a similar amount of time, see her posting, and suddenly it's like I'm 17 again, heart racing, can't stop thinking about her, etc. I'm not sure I even want to reach out, we're both living different lives now, but I do not want to keep feeling this way lol it's happened in the past, too, with this person, to the point where once I sat down & wrote out all my thoughts & feelings in a long letter, but never mailed it. It was therapeutic, just to in some way express what I was feeling without idk randomly reaching out after years & making her deal with my shit 😅 part of me feels like she was one of the closest girls I had as a friend at that lonely time in my life & maybe I'm yearning to reconnect to validate my inner self from that time in my life. Anyways I kind of figured that would've been that after writing that letter, but then this recent happening I described. Any advice for getting over someone like this?
submitted by sapphicwilowisp to AskLesbians [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 18:23 ThrowA_Big_Lebowski I was such a jerk to my now ex-gf. Anyway I could make it up to her?

So I started dating this girl in school. I'm in college now but still feel bad about growing apart from her (mostly my fault). I've been thinking about giving her a Christmas present and see if I can make it up with her from there. Thoughts?
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2020.09.27 18:23 moredros What your KanoKari Best Girl/Waifu says about you

There's been a lot of Waifu Wars on this subreddit lately so I figured it'd be fitting to take a moment to remember that there isn't an objective answer to best girl. So here's a post to remind us of our comradery regardless of our Waifus.
Chizuru: You know she's a dream girl and too good for you: but this is fiction, not reality, so it's okay to dream big. If she's the best, she's the best: plain and simple. OR You're a sucker for a good love story. Doesn't matter what, you always support the couple that is destined to end up together. And really, who doesn't?
Ruka: You highly value communication in a relationship. You've been burned one too many times by unclear signals and just want someone who is extremely clear about how they feel about you. She may be extreme, but hard work and determination are admirable. You believe that sometimes it's important to take a step back and realize what you have right in front of you. She's more than good enough for you so you should just be happy she has feelings back.
Sumi: What you want more than anything is someone wholesome who you can protect. All you really want from a partner is someone who can make you smile no matter what. Unfortunately, you're probably a bit of a simp. But I mean, just look at her, doesn't she spark that instinct to protect? It's not your fault biology programmed you this way...
Mami: Excitement is really important in a relationship. You shouldn't look at a relationship simply as a game of 'this is the person I want to marry'. Before you marry someone, you need to date them. Mami is a fun person to date. You don't have to agree with your significant other about everything. You want to date people who are fun, interesting, and will create valued memories with you. They'll help you experience all that life has to offer. If things don't work out, that's just the way that life goes. That doesn't make the time you spent together any less valid.
Yaemori: First of all, you're probably a nerd. But beyond that, you're looking for someone who can be your best friend. You firmly believe that the person you should spend your life with should be your best friend. Someone who no matter what, you can always spend time with and have fun. Long-lasting relationships aren't all about romance. If you aren't platonically compatible, then it's pointless because the romance WILL eventually die out.
All Girls, Best Girl: You believe that everyone has something to offer. You don't like everyone fighting. We should all just smile, be happy, and get along. OR You recognize that KanoKari is only the story that it is because everyone is who they are. You wouldn't change any of the girls because if you did, the story would change too. You're invested in the story as a whole and all these different characters and girls make this story what it is. You want KanoKari to be as good as it possibly can be. And really, who wouldn't?
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2020.09.27 18:23 cbartle1256 My (now ex) girlfriend said she wasnt sure if she was attracted to me for over 9 months after I drove 10 hours to see her

I'm sorry for any formatting errors, I'm on mobile.
So I (18m) started dating this girl (18f), we'll call her Anne (not her real name), in early-mid October last year. It was our senior year of highschool, and while we lived in the same county we went to different high schools (a mutual friend set us up on a blind date). It was great. We shared many of the same interests and we really hit it off. We kept seeing more of each other, and I fell in love.
For New Years she invited me to this lock-in her church was having. It was fun, and it was also the first time I said that I loved her. We were half asleep on a couch and it just kind of came out. I didn't realize at the time, but that freaked her out.
The next few months were great, with the exception of Covid. I regularly went over to her house and she regularly came over to mine after I got a job that tested me for covid every week. We would talk, watch Netflix, make out, and all that other teen relationship stuff (No sex though, she was pretty religious and I was fine with how things were). I didnt really start to notice the problem until it was almost time for us to leave for college.
We'd talked about having a long distance relationship, as I am going out of state for college, and figured it wouldn't be so different to our relationship when Covid started up. About a week before she was going to leave, she texted me and said that her school required students to self isolate for a week before they came. We did hang out one last time, but we were 6 feet apart for almost all of it. I dismissed any potential worries by telling myself she just wanted to follow the rules (which is very in character for her)
Well college starts and we do the long distance thing, and I realized earlier this week that our anniversary is coming up, but that we were both busy for a few weeks before and during it. So I hatched a "brilliant" (in reality a really haphazard) plan to surprise her. She knew I had a surprise for our anniversary, but she didnt know any of the details. So I spent the next few days preparing. I did all my homework for the next few days, made sure my classes for the next few days were on Zoom, booked a hotel (and accidentally forgot to book it for my first night there, I'm not the brightest sometimes), packed my bags, and left Thursday morning to go see her.
Now our schools are 10 hours away if you dont stop for breaks, and in different timezones. Combine that with the fact that I stopped to say hi to a friend along the way, I didn't get there until around 9:00 pm. When I get there, I send her a text asking if we can video call, but she said she was busy talking to her dad on the phone. I didnt know it at the time, but apparently one of the things she was asking her dad about was advice for how to break up with me.
After about an hour she calls me, and I tell her I have a surprise. I showed her a sign from her college and told her I was there. She came down from her dorm room and I finally got to see her again after nearly 2 months. She brought me back to her dorm room since it was cold and rainy, and I met her roommate and some of her friends. They were pretty chill, her roommate let me crash on their floor that night rather than in my small pickup truck (I am really grateful for that). I thought things were great except Anne wouldn't kiss me. She refused to take off her mask, even when it was just the two of us. She said it was some kind of rule that masks had to be worn when ever a guest was in the room (She eased off of it when we went to sleep and the next day).
Well the next morning I wake up early to move my truck into a parking spot its allowed to be (I was in a lot that required a permit if you were parked there after 7AM). I picked up some apple turnovers and donut holes for me, Anne, and her roommate on my walk back to her dorm. I finish up the small amount of work that was assigned Thursday while I was driving, and she eventually waks up in time for her only zoom class that day.
After her class, she asks if I want to go to lunch, so we order something from one of the places on campus to pick up. On the way to pick up the food, I ask her why she seemed so distant lately, and that's when she hit me with the dreaded "We need to talk."
She said that she was sorry, that she was going to do it on that video call where I surprised her that I was there, and that she didnt do it that night because she didnt want me sleeping in my car.
I honestly thought that I would be more upset than I was, that I would feel angry or hurt or something. But I just felt sad, and sorry for what I put her through, showing up right when she worked up the nerve to break up with me.
We ate lunch, I asked her why, and she said all the cliche stuff: we're better as friends, it's not you it's me, all of that stuff. But she also said one thing that really hurt me: that she had been unsure of her feelings towards me since I first said that I loved her.
She said that she wanted to love me the way I loved her, but that ever since I told her I loved her, shenkept second guessing herself. She said she'd feel romantic and sexual attraction every now and then, but she didn't give a reason for why she had staid with me when she wasnt feeling those things. After that I finished my lunch quickly, canceled the hotel reservation, and went back to her dorm to grab my things and start my 10 hour trip back to my school.
She walked me back to my car, apologizing over and over, but as much as I wanted to feel angry with her, and as much as I still want to be angry with her, I can only think about how if I were better at picking up the signs, I would've known.
I got back to my dorm after midnight, and spent most of yesterday watching Netflix, talking to friends, pretty much everything I could to get my mind off of it.
She told me that I'd make whoever I end up with very happy, and I'm not sure how that's possible if I did everything I could to make her happy and she still broke up with me.
TL;DR: I drove 10 hours to see my girlfriend for an anniversary surprise and she broke up with me.
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2020.09.27 18:22 MagnumDongLover2000 aight so i need help..

I know for a fact that a girl likes me, like ive been told my a lot of her friends in secret but also she's made it pretty obvious but i dont know if i like her back or if im just lonely and i dont wanna date someone who really likes me if i dont actually feel the same way cos at that point i think id just be playing with her feelings what do i do
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2020.09.27 18:21 meowgica He keeps liking his exes photos

This summer I (25f) started dating a guy (21m) who I met in our group of friends,so I knew him for a few years. We are dating for like 3 months now. Everything seems good about us, not so long time ago he said that he loves me. (he always was honest, like month ago he said that he doesn't love me yet because it takes time but he was sure that he liked me so much and even imagined myself as his future wife, I know that's just beautiful worlds, but still). But I can't trust him as much as I want to! The thing is, that in our early dating he told me about few of his exes, so I know who are they and of course, I checked their social media. I know I shouldn't check them that much because I only hurt myself but I just can't resist. I see that he still likes all one of his exes photos, mostly her selfies. I don't want to ask him not to like or something because I can't control him. Also I don't want him to know that I check. Also he studies in other country, so I won't see him that much now. I hate myself for always getting suspicious about anything. I just don't show him, I keep everything in my head and it drives me crazy. It hurts like hell seeing those stupid likes because two times in my life I've been changed to some other girl from guys past. I want to trust him so bad but I'm just to scared to feel that terrible feeling when he says that there's some other girl. I really don't know what to do.
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2020.09.27 18:21 monroefromtoughshed (30M) I have feelings for a close friend (28F) of mine, I haven’t tried dating or relationships for the last 6 years due to PTSD, and I have no idea what I’m doing.

I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing, because I’ve never really needed to know. I’ve always been sort of closed off due to anxiety and other things like that, so when I dated when I was younger it was usually because a girl was into me and approached me and did most of the work. I’ve never really been great at flirting or reading signals or really knowing what to do unless someone is basically throwing themselves at me or basically giving me bright flashing neon signs saying “I LIKE YOU” that even the densest person alive couldn’t miss.
So I don’t really know what to do. I’ve had one relationship in my life, and after that breakup 6 years ago I developed C-PTSD from that and some childhood abuse I went to. It’s really hard for me to open myself up to people and not feel like anyone I care about is going to reject me. I haven’t had a great success rate when it comes to relationships, and I really don’t want this to go poorly again.
I also haven’t been capable of really having feelings or being attracted to anyone in the last 6 years due to the PTSD, but recently I’ve recovered enough that I feel something again. I have been hanging out with this friend of mine recently a lot, she’s always meant a lot to me and I’ve always had a thing for her. I’ve been around her so much lately, my feelings are starting to get pretty strong.
So it would really mean a lot to me if I could figure what’s best to do in this situation. I know I should ask her to hang out just the 2 of us, because it’s always been with a group of our friends over the last couple months since we’ve been hanging out again. I asked her last weekend and it didn’t work out then, I’m a little scared to put myself out there again but I know that’s a pretty important step.
I also don’t know how to flirt with her or if that’s even really important. I don’t want to like hardcore hit on her and make her feel put off, but I feel like I should be doing something to distinguish myself and how I feel about her as being more than a friend. I also don’t know much texting is actually important, we don’t text much between hanging out, we just mostly talk when we see each other 2-3 times a week.
I guess I overall just don’t really know what to do. I’m a little concerned if I don’t act a certain way or something, our dynamic will just go deeper into where she views me as a friend, and I want to avoid that. But I also don’t want to go overboard on her. My friends and therapist told me to be patient and just be myself, but I feel like waiting too long is how you just end up as friends. And being myself kind of entails not being super confident, which has led to me not having many successful relationships. So pretty much any advice is appreciated.
tl;dr: I have PTSD which makes relationships very difficult, haven’t tried dating in 6 years, I have strong feelings for a close friend of mine and I have no idea how to act on it because I don’t have a lot of relationship experience to begin with
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2020.09.27 18:20 noshaveseptember My [22M] new girlfriend [18F] and I do not have much in common and it's making me second guess the relationship. Are these valid breakup reasons?

We have been dating for about a month. I already broke things off once because I was not happy but she convinced me to try again now here we are. She's a good and honest person but I see some issues...
I think we have similar values and see life very similar, but that's all we have in common. She is an extrovert, I am an introvert. We don't watch any of the same shows or movies. We don't have the same friends. We have different ideas of what to do for fun. She is not as attractive as other girls I have dated and I'm having a hard time with that because picturing having sex isn't going well... Her personality is pretty dry so that's what I'm expecting in bed, but I could be wrong. She tries to control everything and know everything, its exhausting to be around. She constantly needs to be doing something or be around people. I like being alone and need alone time. SHE DOESN'T KNOW MEMES so I cant send her any, her sense of humor is dry and she hardly gets my jokes or laughs at them.
I'm having a hard time picturing this relationship working out. I think the only thing that could save it is if she's a freak in the sheets. Other than that I'm just not happy and I delay texting her back because of how much I'm beginning to hate talking to her.
Are these valid reasons to break up with a girl?
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2020.09.27 18:20 ThrowRA_D_D My GF(18F) has serious mental health problems and I(16M) don't know what's best for her

Let me start this off for everyone who think this is just some high school puppy love situation - it's not. We may be young compared to everything else I've seen on this sub but I came here as a desperation move because I'm seriously lost in what to do in this relationship and for this girl.
We've been dating for almost 11 months now, and we were both in high school when it started. Now shes taking a gap year to work and I'm a Junior. We've done long distance for the 6 of the 11 months and it really has been one of the worst things. Because of Corona, I thought I would be able to see her but then my country kept pushing back the reopening date for borders until I had to go back for boarding school. Now my closest time to see her is possibly December(and May if that doesnt happen). We've been making do facetiming around 4-5 hours a day and texting basically the whole day.
The problem is that she has serious mental health problems and they all stem from me. She's had mental health problems due to a horrible past relationship(cheating) and she's had a history of depression and cutting. All of this came back up when we started long distance because she worries constantly about me talking to girls and me interacting with girls. I've never been good with girls, so naturally my circle is all guys. She knows this, and she still worries. She told me her worries, so I stopped talking to the few girls that I have(legitimately like 4 girls) and I cut contact with anyone that worried her. I no longer play basketball around girls(if they come into the gym I just leave), I don't workout anymore I don't watch porn either (even though you know... I'm a dude). I tried to make her the safest, the happiest I could but it was like nothing I did would ever satisfy her. It was never perfect but before I returned to school I had no oppurtunities to interact with girls so at least she felt a little comfort in that. Now that I'm back at school, and that I see females around me(don't even say hi to them because of my GF), her problems have gotten really bad. I'm talking cutting, brain fog, anxiety attacks and a cold attitude that doesn't even make me feel like we're dating. I understand that this is because of her mental health but at some point I'm just a 16 year old boy and I break too. When I break, I lash out and hurt her with bad temper and a cold attitude but it's something that I can't control. These are the moments that I question the impact I have on this girl's life - is it more bad than good? Would she be better off without me?
Recently she told me she has been having a lot of suicidal thoughts and she told me she's counting down her days. This was one of the scariest things I've heard because losing the person I love and I can't even do anything about it(long distance) and I'm just lost. This wasn't the first time she mentioned this but it was the first time she gave me a date(she said she would wait for our one year anniversary before she did it). When I asked her if breaking up would help her mental health because she wouldn't have to worry about her primary concerns(me with girls) and she told me if we weren't dating she would've already killed herself.
This right here is why I'm lost. I saw online today that loving someone truly means letting them go. Somewhere inside me something tells me that breaking up with this girl, letting someone I love go will do her good but I don't know if she really will kill herself if we broke up. A part of me is also dying because of the stress of this relationship and I'm trying to balance my schoolwork as well(and I want to play basketball whenever, workout whenever) but I don't know if these are just selfish desires that I want.
Her family is also a little clueless and helpless because I'm the only one that knows the true extent of her problems and she won't let me tell her parents. Should I? She told me that's the worst possible thing I could do because her dad would physically abuse her if she found out. She has a sister, but GF doesn't like if I text her(did it once to ask for advice). She already is going to therapy(but in my opinion it's not really helping)
If there are any questions that might help you give better advice just comment.
Please, tell me something that will help because I'm lost.
Thank you in advance
EDIT : Please don't say that she is attention seeking, blaming me for her problems etc etc. She's always told me I'm not at fault for her problems and that she's always had them before I came into her life. She's told me that I've made her life a lot better and that I'm the only one stalling time for her. Perhaps I wrote it wrong but it's how I feel that I'm the stem of her problems. She's never said this before so please don't attack her for this. Thank you.
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